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Charles D. Kelman Innovator's Lecture

The Charles D. Kelman Innovator's Lecture honors the work of individuals whose creativity has benefited ophthalmologists and their patients. The lecture is presented during a special session at the annual ASCRS Program at the ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting.

Charles D. Kelman, MD (1930-2004), presented the first lecture in 1985. In recognition of the ongoing contribution of Dr. Kelman to anterior segment surgery, the lecture was renamed for him in 2003.

I. Howard Fine, MD

Limitation, Logic, and Language

Apr 12, 1994

Boston, MA

D. Peter Choyce, MS, FRCS

Serendipity, Cataract, and Refractive Surgery

May 10, 1993

Seattle, WA

Joaquin Barraquer, MD

Innovations for Cataract Surgery and Visual Rehabilitation

Apr 14, 1992

San Diego, CA

David Miller, MD/Robert Stegmann, MD

Apr 9, 1991

Boston, MA

Herbert E. Kaufman, MD

Refractive Surgery and the Cataract Surgeon

Mar 6, 1990

Los Angeles, CA

C. William Simcoe, MD

If The Truth Shall Make Us Free, Why Do We Fight It So Hard?

Apr 28, 1989

Washington, DC

John L. Pearce, Ch.M, DO

The Stimulus to Innovation in Cataract Surgery

Mar 30, 1988

Los Angeles, CA

Daniele S. Aron-Rosa, MD

Le Sens du Future or Reading Behind the Writing on the Wall

Apr 8, 1987

Orlando, FL

Steven P. Shearing, MD

The Resurrection of Posterior Chamber Lenses or Why Innovation Occurs When It Does

Apr 8, 1986

Los Angeles, CA

Charles D. Kelman, MD

Creative Thinking in Ophthalmology

Apr 13, 1985

Boston, MA


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