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2017 Annual Meeting

The Oscar Dream: Low Cost, High-Definition Surgical Video Recorder

Submitted by admin on Mon, 08/07/2017 - 10:20

High-quality surgical videos are an excellent source for teaching and presentations. Mountable microscopes, cell phones, and photography cameras can be used. Microscopy and photography cameras are cost prohibitive, and less expensive cell phone cameras have battery, heating, and storage problems. Despite innovations, there is a need for low-cost, quality recording devices. This film shows thw RaspiCam developed using a Raspberry Pi system.

Lamellar Autokeratoplastika: Method of Choice to Treat Trophic Corneal Ulcers on Only Eye

Submitted by admin on Mon, 08/07/2017 - 10:20

This film shows the successful surgical treatment of a patient with Sturge-Weber syndrome in her only functional eye. The patient presented with a tropic corneal ulcer with the threat of perforation and had previous surgery for secondary glaucoma, aphakia, retinal detachment, and high myopia in anamnesis. A lamellar auto keratoplastika by graft was taken from the blind eye.

Double-Stage Femtosecond Laser–Assisted Cataract Surgery in Cataract Patient with a Phakic IOL

Submitted by admin on Mon, 08/07/2017 - 10:20

The film shows femtosecond laser–assisted cataract surgery in a patient with a copolymer pIOL in both eyes. Air bubbles from the laser-created CCC accumulated under the pIOL and blocked the laser fragmentation in the first eye. The same procedure was performed in 2 stages in the second eye by separating the CCC stage from the others. After the CCC, the patient was moved upright. The surgeon waited for the bubbles to disappear before completing successful laser fragmentation.