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Submissions FAQ

Why should I submit a case to the Case Corner?

Providing your case to ASCRS helps us further our mission of providing education to promote the delivery and advancement of high-quality anterior segment eye care. Case Corner activities are provided free to ASCRS Members, and help physicians earn valuable CME and Self-Assessment CME (SACME) credits online.

Publishing your case via ASCRS Case Corner can increase the potential audience of your content, reaching users who are not able to engage in the live meeting format. Case Corner is a great opportunity for residents and fellows to achieve additional professional visibility and engage with ASCRS.

Can I list a published case on my CV?

Published cases may be listed on your CV using the following suggested format:
Doe, Jane S. ASCRS CME 24/7 Case Corner: Case Name, Release Date Month, Year.

I completed my submission. When will I hear from ASCRS?

An ASCRS staff member will confirm receipt of your case submission within 48 business hours. You may hear immediately from ASCRS with a request for incomplete portions of the submission or for more information.
The production and launch of these cases will be on a rolling schedule, and it is possible that the time between the submission and detailed follow-up could be weeks or months, based on how many cases are submitted and which case topics fulfill a current educational need.

In rare occasions a case may be declined by ASCRS, due to content quality or other factors. If a case is declined, it will be communicated to the case submitter at the time that the decision is made.

I have a case that does not conform to the standard formats listed in the Submissions Guide. Should I still submit?

Prior to submitting, please contact with information about your case, and we will work with you to see if your case would be appropriate for Case Corner. If not, your case may still be appropriate for use within ASCRS in another capacity.

I have a case that is clinically relevant but needs work. Will ASCRS help me develop portions of my case?

We request that only completed cases be submitted, but ASCRS staff is available to assist with limited development of select cases. Cases that need considerable technical work, such as a surgical video requiring a voiceover, are not good candidates for Case Corner.

I have large files and do not know how to transfer them to ASCRS as part of the submission. Will ASCRS handle this for me?

There are several online services that allow free transfer of large files, such as Dropbox, File Dropper, WeTransfer, and Google Drive. For files that are too large for those services, ASCRS may or may not be able to assist with the file transfer process, and exceptions will be considered on an individual basis.

Will I get to review my case prior to it going live on the CME 24/7 portal?

Yes, you will have the ability to review the case in its final form prior to it going live on the CME 24/7 Portal.

Is there a limit to the number of cases I can submit to Case Corner?

There is no limit to the number of cases you may submit to Case Corner. However, if several cases are submitted by the same person or organization, ASCRS may only proceed with the development of select cases from that group as to present a balanced offering in both clinical topics as well as authors.

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