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The ASCRS Clinical Committees were created, in part, to serve as a source to disseminate important, timely information on topics relating to each of their subspecialties. The Clinical Committees (CCs) are extremely active within the organization, creating and delivering specialized symposia, conducting surveys, as well as identifying and developing resources for the membership. On this portion of our website, you will find white papers, position papers, and guidelines created by our CCs and Task Forces on a variety of topics.

Big Data in Ophthalmology

By: John T. Thompson, MD

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Medical and surgical management of the small pupil during cataract surgery

By: Saba Al-Hashimi, MD

As cataract surgery continues to evolve, the intraoperative small pupil continues to pose challenges to even the most experienced cataract surgeon. Several steps can be taken preoperatively to decrease the chance of intraoperative miosis. Even so, the problem of miosis during cataract surgery... more

Phacoemulsification of the rock-hard dense nuclear cataract: Options and recommendations

By: Gary J.L. Foster, MD

We describe the essential steps in the successful phacoemulsification of the rock-hard, dense cataract. Appropriate and directed preoperative history, physical examination, and diagnostics allow the surgeon to select the best incision, anesthesia, and intended surgical technique for a given... more

Guidelines for the cleaning and sterilization of intraocular surgical instruments

By: David F. Chang, MD (Co-chair), Nick Mamalis, MD, (Co-chair)

These Guidelines for the Cleaning and Sterilization of Intraocular Surgical Instruments were written by the Ophthalmic Instrument Cleaning and Sterilization (OICS) Task Force, comprised of representatives of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the American Academy of... more

"Eye Dropping"

By: Danielle Lo, MD

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Perioperative Cataract Refractive and OSD Management at ASCRS 2018

By: Edward J. Holland, MD; Kathryn Masselam Hatch, MD

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Infectious Uveitis

By: John Forrester, MD

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Corneal Neuropathic Pain at ASCRS 2018

By: Anat Galor, MD, MSPH; Deborah S. Jacobs, MD

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Perioperative assessment for refractive cataract surgery

By: Kendall Donaldson, MD, MS

As cataract surgery has evolved into lens-based refractive surgery, expectations for refractive outcomes continue to increase. During the past decade, advancements in technology have provided new ways to measure the cornea in preparation for cataract surgery. The increasing ability to accurately... more