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Join the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and host Josh Young, MD, as he interviews authors of recent papers in peer-review ophthalmology journals and holds discussions with faculty at meetings around the globe in As Seen From Here. This bimonthly podcast provides important analyses and debates on issues affecting your daily practice. The podcast is also available at, iTunes, and via most major podcast providers.

Corneal Neuropathic Pain at ASCRS 2018

By: Anat Galor, MD, MSPH; Deborah S. Jacobs, MD

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Targeted Crosslinking and Sterilization Guidelines at ASCRS 2018

By: Theo Seiler, MD, PhD; David F. Chang, MD

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Refractive Surgery Eyedrops and CMV Uveitis at APAO 2018

By: David Smadja, MD, FEBO; Soon Phaik Chee, MD

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By: Siddarth Rathi, MD

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Glaucoma as Neurodegeneration and Post-LASIK Ectasia at APAO 2018

By: Muneeb Faiq, MD; Shahzad I. Mian, MD

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Ganglion Cell Analysis in Advanced Glaucoma

By: David Huang, MD, PhD

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Visual Manifestations of Migraines and Fungal Keratitis at AAO 2017

By: Kathleen Digre, MD; Eduardo C. Alfonso, MD

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The Future of AMD

By: Gabrielle Buitendijk; Annemarie Colijn

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Genetic Testing for Retinoblastoma and Room for MIGS at AAO 2017

By: Carol Shields, MD; Earl Randy Craven, MD

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