Throughout the year, the ASCRS Clinical Committees offer webinars on a variety of surgical and clinical topics. The topics are selected for timeliness and relevance of interest to our members. This unique educational offering allows you to learn from top experts in the field, in the comfort of your own surroundings.


Identifying and Managing Progression in Keratoconus/Keratectasia: Pre and Post Corneal Crosslinking

By: Clara Chan, MD; Marjan Farid, MD; Kenneth Beckman, MD; William Trattler, MD

Learn from the experts about crosslinking (CXL) protocols and management, including how to define the progression of keratoconus, when to re-treat a patient with suspected progression after CXL and when to refer to a cornea specialist.

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Telemedicine in Refractive Surgery

By: Roger Zaldivar, MD; Ranya Habash, MD; Giselle Ricur, MD

Sponsored by the Refractive Surgery Clinical Committee, this webinar discusses what it takes to build a teleophthalmology solution for your cataract and refractive surgery patients. You will also learn what the future looks like for telemedicine in ophthalmology and hear about the use of the... more

Optimizing IOL Power Calculations and Outcomes

By: Warren E. Hill, MD

Sponsored by the ASCRS IOL Calculation Subcommittee, this webinar will discuss how to maximize cataract surgery refractive outcomes through a better understanding of available technology.

The Key to Thriving in Modern Day Medicine: Team Culture and the Patient Experience

By: Vance Thompson, MD

Sponsored by the ASCRS Refractive Surgery Clinical Committee and the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators, this webinar will help you explore ways to improve your patient’s experience and build a great team culture in today’s competitive environment.

YES Intraoperative Techniques and Tools for Success in Refractive Cataract Surgery

By: Zachary Zavodni, MD

Sponsored by the YES Clinical Committee, this webinar will focus on implementation of the latest intraoperative tools, including femtosecond laser and intraoperative aberrometry.

Maximizing Refractive Cataract Surgery Outcomes in the Post-Operative Period

By: Naveen Rao, MD

Sponsored by the YES Clinical Committee, this webinar will focus on how to best manage the dissatisfied patient and how to make happy patients even happier.

Topics will include:

  • Practical approaches to fixing residual astigmatism and refractive error
  • Addressing... more

Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Cataract Surgery

By: Neal Shorstein, MD, R. Kent Stiverson, MD

Learn the pros and cons of intracameral antibiotic prophylaxis, hear the experts discuss and compare intracameral and topic antibiotics, and view methods of antibiotic prophylaxis.

YES Success in Refractive Cataract Surgery (Part 1)

By: Elizabeth Yeu, MD

Sponsored by the YES Clinical Committee, this webinar will highlight pearls and pitfalls in patient selection and preoperative planning for successful refractive cataract surgery.

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Clinical Applications of Amniotic Membrane in the Office and Operating Room Setting

By: Thomas John, MD

Sponsored by the Cornea Clinical Committee, this webinar will teach various surgical techniques in amniotic membrane transplantation and become familiar with the in-office use of amniotic membrane.

Phaco FUNdamentals: Putting It All Together (Part 5)

By: Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD

The fifth in the ASCRS Phaco FUNdamentals series sponsored by the Young Eye Surgeons Committee, this webinar will focus on understanding the phaco-dynamics and fluidics of the machine in special situations such as intra-operative floppy iris and in post-vitrectomy eyes.

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