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ASCRS Calls on the Federal Trade Commission to Eliminate Proposed Changes to the Contact Lens Rule that Would Increase Costs and Administrative Burdens for Prescribers, and to Extend the Current Prescription Validation Window to 5 Business Days

This week, ASCRS submitted comments to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), expressing concerns on the current Contact Lens Rule, and opposition to several aspects of the proposed amendments that impose significant administrative and financial burdens on prescribers. The FTC is proposing to require contact lens prescribers to obtain a patient’s signed acknowledgment that the patient received a copy of his or her prescription and must maintain the signed acknowledgment for three years. ASCRS strongly opposes this change and urges the FTC to withdraw this proposal. There is no evidence suggesting physicians are not providing the prescription, and we note that the proposed collection of information is unnecessary and does not promote better patient care.

Additionally, in the letter, ASCRS expresses concerns that the current eight-hour validation window is insufficient to allow a prescriber to validate a prescription. We recommend that the FTC lengthen the validation window to five business days, which will give prescribers an adequate amount of time to properly verify a prescription and prevent adverse patient outcomes. We will keep you updated.

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