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iStent Results in Clinical Practice

Paper Discussed: Neuhann TH....

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Automating Capsulotomy Without Femto

Paper Discussed: Chang DF, Mamalis N, Werner L
Precision Pulse Capsulotomy: Preclinical Safety and...

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Cataract Advances and Orthokeratology at the WOC

Guests: Bruce Koffler, MD
Koffler Vision Group
Lexington, Kentucky

Richard Packard, MD 

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Fungal Keratitis in Endothelial Keratoplasty

Paper Discussed: Tsui E, Fogel E, Hansen K, Talbot E, Tammer R, Fogel J, Daly E, Noble J, Caine L, Zegans M

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Corneal Biomechanics and a New MIGS Device

Guests: William Dupps, MD, PhD
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH

Ingeborg Stalmans, MD, PhD
Professor of...

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OCT Angiography and Glaucoma

Paper Discussed: Liu L, Jia Y, Takusagawa HL, Pechauer AD, Edmunds B, Lombardi L, Davis E, Morrison JC, Huang D

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Alternatives to Tonometry and Glaucoma as Aging at the 2015 ESCRS

Guests: Aachal Kotecha, Ph.D.
Glaucoma Service
Moorfields Eye Hospital 
London, UK

Norbert Pfeiffer, M.D...

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AMD and Calcium Supplementation

Paper Discussed: Kakigi CL, Singh K, Wang SY, Enanoria WT, Lin SC.
Self-reported Calcium Supplementation and Age-Related...

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IOLs in the Vitreous and in the Future at the 2015 ESCRS

Guests: Liliana Werner, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
John A. MoranEye Center
University of...

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Gene Expression and Sarcoid

Paper Discussed: Rosenbaum JT, Choi D, Wilson DJ, Grossniklaus HE, Harrington CA, Sibley CH, Dailey RA, Ng JD, Steele EA, Czyz CN...

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