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The Impact of Topical Glycerin on DMEK Graft Adherence
May 2020
Meeting: 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting
Session: SPS-101 Corneal Procedures & Diagnostics: EK, PK, CXL, Other
Authors: John D. Stephens, MD, Daniel Terveen MD, John Berdahl MD, Richard Lindstrom MD
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To investigate the effect of glycerin drops on graft adherence and rebubble rate following Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty.

Retrospective chart review of 29 consecutive patients undergoing DMEK surgery who received glycerin drops immediately following the procedure and 4 times daily for 3 days. Primary outcome measures were rebubble rate (%) and best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) at 1-2 months post operative. Results will be compared to a cohort of patients from the same time period who did not receive topical glycerin following the procedure.

4 (13.8%) eyes treated with glycerin required a rebubble, compared to 9 (23.1%) control eyes (p=0.34). Baseline BCVA (LogMAR) for eyes receiving glycerin drops following DMEK was 0.28±0.23 versus 0.38±0.42 for control eyes (p=0.23). At one-week postoperative, BCVA was 0.34±0.31 in glycerin treated eyes and 0.57±0.5 in control eyes (p=0.03). At one month, BCVA in the glycerin treated eyes was 0.08±0.18 compared to 0.24±0.29 in controls (p<0.05). Two-month postoperative BCVA was similar between glycerin (0.09±0.19) and control eyes (0.16±0.26; p=0.44). There were no adverse events reported related to topical glycerin administration.

Although it did not reach statistical significance, the administration of glycerin drops decreased the overall number of post operative rebubbles and likely achieved clinical significance. Additionally, glycerin appears to accelate post operative visual recovery and may be a good option for patients in the future.
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This presentation is from the session "SPS-101 Corneal Procedures & Diagnostics: EK, PK, CXL, Other" from the 2020 ASCRS Virtual Annual Meeting held on May 16-17, 2020.

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