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Operation Sight Volunteer Spotlight: Regina Sun, MD    

Dr. Sun's Volunteerism Supports Local Community in Pearland, TX

Operation Sight volunteer Regina Sun, MD of Berkeley Eye Center is a champion when it comes to making cataract care accessible in her local community, Pearland, TX. Committed to making a difference in the lives of patients in need, Dr. Sun has restored sight to countless Operation Sight patients, addressing the growing need in the Houston area. Dr. Sun recently discussed her contributions and support of Operation Sight within her local community: 

What has been your greatest motivator in volunteering with Operation Sight?

Dr. Sun: “Cataracts especially advanced ones can affect the patient in so many ways especially their livelihood. It's rewarding to be able to restore someone's sight with an outpatient surgery and in one day! I want to be able to use the skills as a cataract surgeon as much as possible and am glad that I can help with these patients in my local area. They have already been pre-screened and are so thankful for their new vision so it's an easy win.”

Through your volunteerism, you make cataract care accessible to patients, who do not have the means to receive the care they need. Has Operation Sight provided a vehicle that enables you to give back on a regular basis? 

Dr. Sun: “I went into ophthalmology hoping to serve in missions throughout my career. With small kids and the pandemic, it is difficult to participate in international mission trips at this time. It has been so wonderful, however, to have the opportunity to use my skills locally to help those in need. These patients are so grateful to have cataract surgery and are willing to drive a long way to get their surgery done. I did not realize there were so many patients who need help in my local area and I'm thankful that I can help these patients without having to do any travel.”


Your volunteerism with Berkeley Eye Center has restored sight to many patients on our waitlist. As the program continues to grow, the Houston TX area, has an especially increasing need for volunteer support. If you had to share one piece of advice/quote with an ophthalmologist interested in volunteering, what would it be?

Dr. Sun: “We are already so well trained to do cataract surgery and just adding one patient a month will really help impact the local community. There is no minimum requirement and obviously no upper limit to the patients you can help. We all know that cataract surgery can make a huge difference in someone's life why not help those who don't have the resources for cataract surgery?”

Volunteering with Operation Sight is a team effort, including coordination from your administrative staff, eyecare staff and surgical center. Have there been any positives in volunteering with the program for the practice overall?

 Dr. Sun: “Our company is always trying to look for ways we can give back to the community and being a part of the ASCRS foundation is an amazing way to give back to the community. The staff is always excited to see how these patients do after their cataract surgery.”


To learn more about how to volunteer with Operation Sight, please click here. For all Operation Sight- related inquiries, please contact Jaya Minhas, Program Manager at jminhas@ascrs.org. 

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