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Share Your ASCRS Annual Meeting Story!

The ASCRS Annual Meeting is the largest U.S. gathering of anterior segment surgeons. Every year the meeting boasts new and valuable education, showcasing the latest advancements and technologies in ophthalmology.

To kick off the journey to the 2020 ASCRS Annual Meeting – being held May 15-19 in Boston, Massachusetts – we wanted to share some of the great Annual Meeting experiences we’ve heard from attendees.

Each week we will be highlighting one of these stories and we encourage you to share your own Annual Meeting story on social media using the hashtag #ASCRSShareYourAMStory.

If you are attending the 2019 ASCRS and ASOA Combined Ophthalmic Symposium – August 23-25 in Austin, Texas, our marketing team will be onsite to capture your unique Annual Meeting experience.


Deborah Ristvedt, DO first joined ASCRS as a resident and is a regular annual meeting attendee, noting “There’s new technology and new advancements in surgery presented every year.” In addition, she’s attended several mid-year ASCRS meetings, refining her surgical skills and discovering useful pearls that she can immediately apply to her practice. 

Michael J. Taravella, MD has attended more than a dozen ASCRS Annual Meetings over the years, often participating as a presenter or panelist to help educate his peers. “I have always found the organization to be a great resource and the meetings to be outstanding and educational.”

Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MB

Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD, has been a member of ASCRS since 2012 and has attended many Annual Meetings over the years. “I truly believe a significant value derived from the meeting is the many different avenues for education. From lectures, wet labs, peer to peer opportunities; so many other creative ways so that each attendee can learn the way they do best.”

John Hovanesian, MD
John Hovanesian, MD, has been a member of ASCRS for over 20 years and has been attending the Annual Meeting every year since 2010. “Every year I like to come back from the Annual Meeting with one or two things that I’m going to do differently that are going to change my practice – change my patient care for the better.”
Jeffery Whitman
Jeffrey Whitman, MD, has been a member of ASCRS for over 25 years. He first discovered ASCRS during his residency and attending his first Annual Meeting. Since then, he has attended over 30 ASCRS Annual Meetings. “I found the meeting to be on the forefront of what is new and current in ophthalmic surgery today.”

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