Phacoemulsification of posterior polar cataracts | ASCRS
Committee Report
Phacoemulsification of posterior polar cataracts
February 2019
Primary Author: Gary J.L. Foster, MD
Additional Authors: Brandon Ayers, MD, Nicole Fram, MD, Richard S. Hoffman, MD, Sumitra Khandewal, MD, Gregory Ogawa, MD, Susan M. MacDonald, MD, Michael E. Snyder, MD, Abhay Vasavada, MD
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Report Summary

Posterior polar cataracts present a unique challenge for the cataract surgeon. This review describes the steps a surgeon can take to overcome these challenges for the successful phacoemulsification of the posterior polar cataract. Proper preoperative examination and diagnostics will allow appropriate preoperative counseling and surgical planning to increase the likelihood of success. Specific techniques for each stage of the procedure are described, all with the aim of protecting the posterior capsule and preserving intraocular lens (IOL) fixation options. Posterior polar cataracts present dilemmas in preoperative evaluation, surgical management, and IOL fixation.

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