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IC-212 Preparing for the Battle : Maximising Outcomes with the Traumatic Cataract
April 2022
Meeting: 2022 ASCRS Annual Meeting
Course Instructor: Aditya Sethi, DO
Co-Instructors: Reena Sethi, DO, Sahebaan S. Sethi, DNB, MS, MBBS, SPHR, Lisa B. Arbisser, MD, Gerald R. Schultz, MD, FACS, FRCOphth, FACS, Cathleen M. McCabe, MD
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Course Description
Traumatic Cataracts present with a situation to either handicap an individual for the rest of their lives or give them the life they can succeed from. It comes with its own set of challenges which include preoperative screening with the right tools, planning of surgery, counselling for outcome, intraoperative challenges and post operative rehabilitation. All must be addressed and delivered appropriately with special consideration to children!

Educational Objective
Prepare, strategies and equip themselves with the right tools to maximize outcome for the patient to enable them for a better future than what the trauma would've left them with. This includes with the use of newer generation tools, newer IOLs, newer procedures and rehabilitation. Our IC includes retrospective analysis and review of literature on each topic for a GUIDEBOOK of strategy!

2022 ASCRS Annual Meeting Instructional Courses

This 1.5 hour Instructional Course was recorded at the 2022 ASCRS Annual Meeting in Washington, DC on April 22-25. 

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