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IC-203 Therapeutic and Refractive Approach to Keratoconus
April 2024
Meeting: 2024 ASCRS Annual Meeting
Course Instructor: DR Chitra Ramamurthy, DO
Co-Instructors: Gaurav Luthra, MS; Mahipal S. Sachdev, MD; Ramamurthy Dandapani, MD; Shreyas Ramamurthy, MD; Sri Ganesh, FRCS, MS, DNB
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Course Description
Course will detail on all therapeutic and refractive approaches to Keratoconus. Course would highlight latest cxl protocols elaborately, different ablation patterns of Topoguided PRK with CXL, corneal regularisation & visual gains, significance of intacs, a complete picture, intricacies of PhakicIols in KC, DALK, its role play&the last frontier of cataract surgery in KC & a satisfied patient outcome in all rounds would be crisply elucidated.

Educational Objective
I want the learner to be familiar with the various investigative tools now available for early diagnosis of KC. We need to rise to this wave of increased awareness to best treat KC, both in therapeutic and refractive mode and visually rehabilitate them.

2024 ASCRS Annual Meeting Instructional Courses

This 1.5 hour Instructional Course was recorded at the 2024 ASCRS Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, April 5-8, 2024. 

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