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TPSS Registry

Welcome to the Toxic Posterior Segment Syndrome (TPSS) survey.

This survey is intended to gather information on agents that may be associated with posterior segment toxicity.

If one or more of your patients suffered an adverse reaction involving the posterior segment that appears to have been caused by an agent injected into the eye during surgery, the ASCRS invites you to complete this survey.

Data collected by this survey is case based. Each affected eye requires its own unique data entry.

If more than one patient was affected, we ask you to complete a separate survey for each patient.

If possible, please obtain the names, amounts, concentrations, lot numbers, and expiration dates of all agents injected to expedite the survey.

It will take anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes to complete the survey, depending on the level of detail supplied.

We thank you in advance to reporting your cases to the ASCRS.

Take the Survey

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