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Aerie Pharmaceuticals Announces $30,000 Challenge Match



Since 2018, Aerie Pharmaceuticals has encouraged attendees at the ASCRS-ASOA Annual Meeting to support the ASCRS Foundation through a matched donation program. With your help, the Aerie match has raised over $115,000 in just two years, enabling the Foundation to restore the sight of more than 460 patients in need.

While the Annual Meeting shifted to a Virtual Meeting in 2020, Aerie's unwavering philanthropic commitment has continued. This year, Aerie generously continued its match, doubling the impact of donations made beginning on June 23rd up to $30,000.

"We are so inspired by the resilience, dedication and continued generosity of ASCRS and ASOA members as you strive to ensure the continuity of care for every patient in a time of unparalleled uncertainty. Like you, Aerie remains committed to the critical sight-saving mission of the ASCRS Foundation, especially as the need grows. Our support will continue, as we all learn to adapt to – and eventually thrive in – this new normal, seizing opportunity from challenge to give sight more effectively and efficiently than ever."
– Tom Mitro, President and COO, Aerie Pharmaceuticals

Our hearts are full. We are overwhelmed by your generosity by helping to raise over $70,055.37!

This match comes at a crucial time. Over 4,600 charitable surgeries have been provided to patients in need in their own communities through our Operation Sight program. We continue to screen patients and anticipate the number for those who will qualify to dramatically increase as the unemployment rate rises across the country. For many, surgery provides not only improved vision, but the key to regaining employment and financial stability for their families. Because of you, nearly 300 additional patients will regain the gift of sight in 2020. Your gifts will have an ever-lasting impact on their future.

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