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Charles D. Kelman, MD, Innovator’s Lecture

The Charles D. Kelman, MD, Innovator's Lecture honors the work of individuals whose creativity has benefited ophthalmologists and their patients. The lecture is presented the ASCRS Annual Meeting. Charles D. Kelman, MD (1930-2004), presented the first lecture in 1985. In recognition of the ongoing contributions Dr. Kelman made to anterior segment surgery, the lecture was named for him in 2003.

David F. Chang, MD

Lecture title TBD, 2024

William Link, PhD

Innovation in Ophthalmology: Courage, Determination, Humility

Francis Price Jr., MD

Improving Patient Care Through Innovation and Tracking Outcomes - 2022

Stephen G. Slade, MD

Innovation for the Rest of Us - 2021

Ronald M. Kurtz, MD

Collaborative Innovation - 2019

Steve Charles, MD

Systems Engineering at the Intersection of Technology and Technique. April 16, 2018

Reay H. Brown, MD

Overcoming Resistance: Making a Glaucoma a Surgical Disease. May 8, 2017

Graham D. Barrett, FRANZCO

Search for Symmetry: Reducing Astigmatism at the Time of Cataract Surgery. May 9, 2016

Shigeru Kinoshita, MD, PhD

Novel Treatment Dimensions for Corneal Endothelial Dysfunction. April 20, 2015

Warren E. Hill, MD

Something Borrowed, Something New: Improved Accuracy for IOL Power Selection. April 26, 2014

Richard J. Mackool Sr., MD

Humans, Happiness, and the Wonder of New. April 22, 2013

Douglas D. Koch, MD

Corneal Optics for IOL Selection: Cracking the Code. April 23, 2012

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

Thoughts on the Ophthalmologist’s Role in Education and Innovation. March 28, 2011

Henry F. Edelhauser, PhD


Evolution of Surgical Pharmacology: Reviewing the Past and Looking to the Future. April 12, 2010

Robert H. Osher, MD

So I Decided Not to Call!. April 6, 2009

Theo Seiler, MD, PhD

The Stony Way of Development of a Clinical Procedure: Collagen Crosslinking. April 7, 2008

Okihiro Nishi, MD

Approaches to Future Cataract Surgery. April 30, 2007

Kensaku Miyake, MD

Innovative TV Technologies for Ophthalmic Surgery. May 20, 2006

Carmen A. Puliafito, MD

Imaging of the Eye in the 21st Century: Implications for the Anterior Segment Surgeon. April 18, 2005

John Marshall, PhD

Developments, Debate, and Dilemma: Wavefronts and Biomechanics. May 3, 2004

Ioannis Pallikaris, MD

Refractive Surgery: Quo Vadis?. April 14,2003

David J. Apple, MD

The Future of Ophthalmic Biodevices: The Scene is Shifting. June 3, 2002

Gholam A. Peyman, MD

Telescopic IOLs and New Perspectives in Refractive Surgery. April 30, 2001

Stephen D. Klyce, PhD

Corneal Topography in the 21st Century. May 22, 2000

David J. McIntyre, MD

Innovation—A State of Mind?. April 12, 1999

Manus C. Kraff, MD

The Evolution of a Major Ophthalmologic Symposium. April 20, 1998

Luis A. Ruiz, MD

Refractive Surgery: Back to the Future. April 28, 1997

James P. Gills, MD

Our Innovation Comes from Others. June, 4 1996

Leo D. Bores, MD

Refractive Surgery: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. April 4, 1995

I. Howard Fine, MD

Limitation, Logic, and Language. April 12, 1994

D. Peter Choyce, MS, FRCS

Serendipity, Cataract, and Refractive Surgery. May 10, 1993

Joaquin Barraquer, MD

Innovations for Cataract Surgery and Visual Rehabilitation. April, 1992

David Miller, MD/Robert Stegmann, MD

April 9, 1991

Herbert E. Kaufman, MD

Refractive Surgery and the Cataract Surgeon. March 6, 1990

C. William Simcoe, MD

If The Truth Shall Make Us Free, Why Do We Fight It So Hard?. April 28, 1989

John L. Pearce, Ch.M, DO

The Stimulus to Innovation in Cataract Surgery. March 30, 1988

Daniele S. Aron-Rosa, MD

Le Sens du Future or Reading Behind the Writing on the Wall. April 8, 1987

Steven P. Shearing, MD

The Resurrection of Posterior Chamber Lenses or Why Innovation Occurs When It Does. April 8, 1986

Charles D. Kelman, MD

Creative Thinking in Ophthalmology. April 13, 1985

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