'Flange Technique' For IOL Scleral Fixation | ASCRS
Film 77008: Flange Technique' For IOL Scleral Fixation
July 2021
Meeting: 2021 ASCRS Annual Meeting
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Film ID: 77008
Presenting Author: Liat Mendel, MD
Producers: Haggay Avizemer, MD, MHA; Guy Kleinmann, MD
Category: New Techniques

IOL Subluxation is one of the most serious complications after cataract surgery. Recently, a novel knotless scleral fixation technique, the 'flange technique', was reported. We will show the diversity this technique provides, with different approaches for suturing the IOL using Haptic fixation, Passing through a hole in Hard IOL optic, or through a soft IOL in the haptic-optic junction.

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