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ASCRS Preoperative OSD Algorithm

Optimize Your OSD Treatment

The new ASCRS Preoperative OSD Algorithm developed by the ASCRS Cornea Clinical Committee provides surgeons in busy surgical practices with an easy-to-use framework for diagnosing and treating OSD. With this tool, surgeons can address OSD as part of the process for evaluating presurgical patients.

Explore educational resources surrounding this innovative tool and download the algorithm today.

Deciphering OSD Algorithms

Presented by Christopher Starr, MD

This video reviews the need behind the OSD Algorithm as as a result of the emergence of OSD as a subspecialty and increasing complications in the field of dry eye treatment. The development of the OSD Algorithm and Speed II© Preop OSD Questionnaire are outlined, including how to appropriately utilize these valuable clinical tools.

More than 75%
of ASCRS Clinical Survey respondents were unfamiliar with the TFOS DEWS II 10 and the Delphi Panel recommendations.

More than 90%  
of ASCRS Clinical Survey respondents felt that mild-to-moderate DED impacts patient satisfaction in cataract and refractive surgery.

Advancing Surgical Outcomes: Algorithm launches new era in preoperative OSD management

This July 2019 EyeWorld Supplement describes the OSD algorithm and its integration into surgical practices, and helps clinicians pair treatment choices to severity and etiology of acute and chronic dry eye disease.

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An algorithm for the preoperative diagnosis and treatment of ocular surface disorders

Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery: May 2019
This detailed article reviews the educational gaps behind the creation of the OSD algorithm, and outlines the development and appropriate usage of the algorithm.

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