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The ASCRS Preoperative OSD Algorithm

Ocular surface disease can reduce visual quality and quantity and adversely affect refractive measurements before keratorefractive and phacorefractive surgeries.

To address this, the ASCRS Cornea Clinical Committee developed a new consensus-based practical diagnostic tool, the ASCRS Preoperative OSD Algorithm, to aid surgeons in efficiently diagnosing and treating significant OSD before any form of refractive surgery is performed.

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2022 ASCRS Cornea Day

ASCRS Cornea Day presents discussion on current cornea issues, such as eye banking, reimbursement issues, alternatives to keratoplasty, and best practices for keratoconus treatment.

Enjoy a taste of the 2022 ASCRS Cornea Day program to the right, "The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the World of Corneal Ectasia" presented by Marcony R. Santhiago, MD, PhD.

Use the link below to access 2022 Cornea Day On Demand (2022 Subspecailty Day registrants only).

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