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Patients want the best outcome from their eye surgery. Surgeons strive to meet these expectations, but what happens when the case is not going as planned?

This is the Ophthalmology Quicksand Chronicles hosted by Cataract eye surgeons Nicole Fram, MD and Elizabeth Yeu, MD. Dr. Fram and Dr. Yeu will explore those pivotal moments that every surgeon will inevitably encounter. Every time you think you have it figured out, the eyeball humbles you. In each episode, Drs. Fram and Yeu will host an expert in the field and delve into those “quicksand” moments; more specifically, the surgeon will reflect upon the nuances and lessons learned from a surgical experience that ultimately helped them evolve as surgeons.

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Episode #1 | Ike Ahmed: Small Eye, Big Problem

NOVEMBER 23, 2020
Listen and join us for the first-ever episode of Ophthalmology Quicksand Chronicles Podcast with hosts Drs. Nicole Fram and Elizabeth Yeu. In this episode, hear about the origin of the quicksand chronicles podcast where the hosts will dive deep into the psychology of how to prepare for challenging cases, evolve, and improve as a result. In this episode, Dr. Ike Ahmed from Prism Eye Institution will share one of his most challenging quicksand moments with the surgical management of a nanophthalmic eye, and learn how this complex case helped Dr. Ahmed pivot and move forward as an even greater surgeon.

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Episode #2  |  CATHLEEN MCCABE: Runaway Rhexis

Listen and join us for this episode of Ophthalmology Quicksand Chronicles with our guest, Dr. Cathleen McCabe. Hear about Dr. McCabe’s quicksand moment where an unexpected capsule tear extends from the anterior capsule straight across the posterior capsule. In this quicksand moment, Dr. McCabe emphasizes how to prevent such capsule tears, and pearls on how to prevent vitreous prolapse.

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Episode #3  |  Eric Donnenfeld, MD

Hosts Nicole Fram, MD and Elizabeth Yeu, MD join guest Eric Donnenfeld, MD from Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island.

Coming Soon

Episode #4  |  MArjan Farid, MD
Hosts Nicole Fram, MD and Elizabeth Yeu, MD join guest Marjan Farid, MD from Gavin Herbert Eye Institute, UC-Irvine.

Coming Soon

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