Film 92052: Decompress and Avoid the Stress! | ASCRS
Film 92052: Decompress and Avoid the Stress!
May 2023
Meeting: 2023 ASCRS Annual Meeting
Presenting Author: Rajesh Deshmukh, FRCS, MBBS
Additional Producers: Syed Ahmed, BSc, MBBS; Rohan Hussain, FRCOphth, MBBS, BSc; Bharpoor Singh, FRCOphth, MBBS, BSc
Category: New Techniques
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White cataracts exert a high pressure from within the capsular bag. Elevated intra-lenticular pressure can increase the risk of a capsular tear-out. Decompression of the lens with positive AC pressure can reduce this risk. This film describes a new technique of decompression of a white cataract with irrigation and 25G needle aspiration using the bimanual setup of the phacoemulsification machine.

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