RD-5 Session 5: Steinert Lecture | ASCRS
May 5, 2023   |   San Diego, CA


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RD-5 Session 5: Steinert Lecture

About this Session

Session Moderator: Cathleen M. McCabe, MD

Refractive Surgery and Cataract Surgery have become one in response to the pressure of patients desiring a restoration of their range of vision like their younger years. Industry has responded to these pressures in bringing premium implant technology to market. For the ophthalmologist there are multiple business, educational, technological, and technique pressures to master. There are also pressures to meet or exceed patient expectations and perceptions during their “premium IOL journey”. All of these pressures need to be managed to ultimately create a successful result that brings joy to the patients. This lecture will review the premium IOL journey and how this research and development has contributed to a joy filled career and the rewards for doctors who also choose to overcome these pressures and answer the premium vision call.

Presentations in this Session

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