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Mastering Modern Biometry Devices: Pearls and How Tos
March 2023
Faculty: Kamran Riaz, MD; David Cooke, MD; Seth Pantanelli, MD; Mitchell Weikert, MD

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Join us for this YES Connect Webinar, “Mastering Modern Biometry Devices: Pearls and How Tos” with faculty Kamran Riaz, MD, David Cooke, MD, Seth Pantanelli, MD and Mitchell Weikert, MD. In this webinar, experts will discuss their insights and experiences with three different modern biometry devices used in their practice. Different biometry devices, including the Lenstar, IOLMaster 700 and Argos will be discussed. Each presenter will review the biometry device and important items such as the standard printout you use, the numbers you should look out for, how to use it in clinical practice and other special features. Finally, relevant case studies will be presented.
Webinar Faculty
Kamran Riaz, MD
David Cooke, MD
Seth Pantanelli, MD
Mitchell Weikert, MD

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