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May 5-9, 2017   |   Los Angeles, CA

2017 ASCRS ASOA Symposium & Congress

Best Paper of Session (BPOS) Winners 2017

Session: 1-A Cataract Femtosecond Laser
Paper Title: Ultrasound Energy in Different Nuclear Densities During Laser–Assisted Versus Conventional Cararact Surgery
Presenter: Ahmed Assaf, MD, FRCSEd

Session: 1-B Keratorefractive Refractive Lenticule Extraction, Comparisons, and Refractive Outcomes
Paper Title: Small-Incision Lenticule Extraction for Hyperopia: Visual and Refractive Outcomes, Optical Zone Centration, Diameter, and Aberration Induction
Presenter: Dan Z. Reinstein, MD, FRCSC
Coauthors: Kishore Raj Pradhan, MD, Purushottam Dhungana, Glenn I. Carp, MBBCh FC Ophth(SA), Timothy J. Archer, MA(Oxon), Raynan Khan, BSc, Marine Gobbe, PhD

Session: 1-C Presbyopia Correction Trifocal IOLs
Paper Title: Multicenter Defocus Curve Evaluation of a New Trifocal Presbyopia Correcting IOL—6-months Postoperative Results
Presenter: Thomas Kohnen, MD, PhD, FEBO
Coauthors: Rudy M.M.A. Nuijts, MD, PhD, Jose F. Alfonso, MD, PhD, Edgardo Carreño, MD

Session: 1-D Cornea DALK
Paper Title: High-Resolution OCT Imaging of Bowman Layer in Asymmetric Keratoconus
Presenter: Roshan T, MD

Coauthors: Urvija Choudhary, M.S., Rohit Shetty, DNB, FRCS, Abhijit S. Roy, PhD, Natasha K. Pahuja, DOMS, Rushad C. Shroff, MD

Session: 1-E Cornea Ocular Surface Disease
Paper Title: Diagnostic Usefulness of Anterior Chamber Paracentesis with Polymerase Chain Reaction in Corneal Endotheliitis
Presenter: Seong Jae Kim, MD, PhD
Coauthors: Jun Hun Lee, MD, Young Jeung Park, MD, PhD, GyuNam Kim, MD


Paper Title: Pregnancy-Induced Changes in Corneal Biomechanics and Topography Related to Thyroid Hormone
Presenter: Farhad Hafezi, MD, PhD
Coauthors: David Tabibian, MD, Sabine Kling, PhD

Session: 1-F Glaucoma MIGS and Canaloplasty
Paper Title: Multicenter Open-Label Study of the Performance of a New Gel Stent in Refractory Glaucoma in the United States
Presenter: Arsham Sheybani, MD
Coauthors: Davinder S. Grover, MD, MPH, William J. Flynn, MD, Kent P Bashford, DO, Richard A. Lewis, MD, Barbara Niksch

Session: 1-G Cataract Small Pupil and Challenging Cases
Paper Title: Efficacy of a New Pupil-Expansion Device in Cataract Surgery: First 30 Cases
Presenter: Sergio Canabrava, MD
Coauthors: Leticia Moreira Bernardino, Gabriella Faria Lopes, MD, Thais Marina BATISTELI Camelo, MD

Session: 1-H Cataract Multifocal, Accommodating, and EDOF IOLs
Paper Title: Prospective, Randomized Study Comparing Visual Outcomes of an Accommodating IOL and 2 Multifocal IOLs: 5-Year Follow-up
Presenter: Robert Edward T. Ang, MD

Session: 1-I Keratorefractive PRK/LASIK, Crosslinking
Paper Title: Optimizing the Inflammatory Response After Excimer Laser Ablation Using Molecular Inflammatory Markers
Presenter: Emilio Almeida Torres Netto, MD
Coauthors: Sabine Kling, PhD, Arthur Hammer, MD, Farhad Hafezi, MD, PhD

Session: 1-J Retina IFIS, CME, Retinal Complications and Treatment
Paper Title: Neodymium:YAG Laser Vitreolysis: Retrospective Safety Study
Presenter: Inder Singh, MD

Session: 1-K Cornea EK and DMEK
Paper Title: Comparison of Femtosecond Laser–Assisted Descemetorhexis and Manual Descemetorhexis in Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty
Presenter: Adi Einan-Lifshitz, MD
Coauthors: Nir Sorkin, MD, Mahmood J. Showail, MD, FRCSC, Tanguy Boutin, MD, MSc, Armand M. Borovik, MBBS FRANZCO, Clara C. Chan, MD, FRCSC, David S. Rootman, MD, FRCSC

Session: 1-L Cornea DSEK
Paper Title: Planned Descemetorhexis Without Endothelial Keratoplasty in Eyes with Fuchs Corneal Endothelial Dystrophy
Presenter: Alain Saad, MD
Coauthors: Romain Courtin, MD, Christophe Panthier, Damien Gatinel, MD

Session: 2-A Keratorefractive Surface Ablation and Crosslinking
Paper Title: Comparison of Aberration-Free and Corneal Wavefront-Guided Transepithelial PRK in Eyes with Myopia and More Than 2.5 Diopters of Refractive Astigmatism
Presenter: David Sung Yong Kang, MD
Coauthors: Jin Young Choi, MD, Byoung Jin Ha, MD, Eun Kyung Kim, MD, Hun Lee, MD, Tae-im Kim, MD, PhD

Session: 2-B Keratorefractive Keratorefractive LASIK
Paper Title: LASIK Outcomes: Comparison of Vector Planning and Manifest Refraction for the Treatment of Myopic Astigmatism
Presenter: Noel Alpins, MD, FACS
Coauthors: Maria C. Arbelaez, MD, George Stamatelatos, OD, James K. Ong, BOptom, Dr. rer. nat., Samuel Arba Mosquera, PhD

Session: 2-C Cataract Phaco Techniques, IOLs
Paper Title: The 30-Degree Phaco Tip Revisited: Its Value in Femtosecond Laser–Assisted Cataract Surgery
Presenter: Nermin Graise, MD
Coauthors: Paul S. Koch, MD

Session: 2-D Cataract Intraoperative Aberrometry, Post-Refractive IOL Calculation, and Teaching Cases
Paper Title: Impact of Incomplete Intraocular Lens Unfolding on Induced Astigmatism with Real-Time Intraoperative Aberrometry
Presenter: Nathan Abraham, MD
Coauthors: Jonathan D. Solomon, MD

Session: 2-E Cataract EDOF, Refractive Index Shaping
Paper Title: Visual Performance and Perceived Photopic Phenomena with a New Extended Depth of Focus IOL
Presenter: Gerd U. Auffarth, MD, PhD,
Coauthors: Bert C. Giers, MD, Stephanie Liebing, MSc, Dorottya Varadi, MD, Ramin Khoramnia, MD

Session: 2-F Glaucoma MIGS and MISC.
Paper Title: Efficacy of 2 Targeted Versus NonTargeted Trabecular Microbypass Stents: Preliminary Investigation
Presenter: Vinay Kansal, BHSc
Coauthors: Matthew B. Schlenker, MD FRCSC, Devesh K. Varma, MD, FRCSC

Session: 2-G Cataract Secondary IOLs, PCO
Paper Title: Long-Term Biocompatibility of a Modular Intraocular Lens System
Presenter: Jason Ludlow, MD
Coauthors: Joah Aliancy, MD, Jason Nguyen, MD, Liliana Werner, MD, PhD, Nick Mamalis, MD

Session: 2-H Keratorefractive Refractive Lenticule Extraction, Outcomes, & Surgical Techniques
Paper Title: Stromal Remodeling and Lenticule Thickness Accuracy in Small-Incision Lenticule Extraction: 1-Year Prospective Study
Presenter: Martin Dirisamer, MD

Session: 2-I Cataract IOL Glistenings, IOL Design and Delivery, and Nd:YAG Capsulotomy
Paper Title: Floater Incidence After Capsulotomy with a Multi-Modality Nd:YAG Laser
Presenter: Inder P. Singh, MD

Session: 2-J Presbyopia Correction Accommodation, Monovision, Scleral Implants
Paper Title: Image Registration Demonstrates Accommodation Is a Small Displacement Phenomenon
Presenter: Ronald A. Schachar, MD, PhD

Session: 2-K Cataract NSAIDs, CME, and Corticosteroids
Paper Title: Efficacy of Preoperative NSAID and the Re-Dilation Technique in Minimizing Miosis after Femtosecond Laser Pretreatment in Cataract Surgery
Presenter: Bruna V. Ventura, MD
Coauthors: Laura Portela Rabello, MD, Fernanda Silvestre Ribeiro da Costa Gomes, Marcelo C. Ventura, MD, PhD

Session: 2-L Glaucoma Keratoconus, Intrastromal Corneal Ring Segments
Paper Title: Corneal Allogenic Intrastromal Ring Segments for the Treatment of Keratoconus
Presenter: Soosan Jacob, FRCS, MS,
Coauthors: Athiya Agarwal, MD


Paper Title: Evaluation of Snake-like Chromatin Cell Protein Related to Eye Rubbing in Patients with Keratoconus and Allergic Conjunctivitis
Presenter: Maria A. Henriquez, MD,
Coauthors: Luis Izquierdo, MD, Nadia Canorio Pariona, PhD

Session: 2-M Cataract Toric IOL Calculation, Post-Refractive Surgery Calculation
Paper Title: Whether Flipping the Axis Is Beneficial When Targeting Minimal Remaining Refractive Astigmatism with Toric IOLs
Presenter: Michael Goggin, FRCSI(Ophth), FRANZCO

Session: 2-N Cataract Multifocal IOLs, EDOF IOLs
Paper Title: Diagnostic Preoperative Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography for the Prediction of Postoperative Intraocular Lens Position and Tilt in Presbyopic Refractive Cataract Surgery
Presenter: Joseph J.K. Ma, MD, FRCSC

Session: 2-O Glaucoma Cyclophotocoagulation, CO2 Laser, Glaucoma Surgery
Paper Title: Efficacy of Micropulse Cyclophotocoagulation in Lowering Intraocular Pressure in Patients with Glaucoma
Presenter: Jody Zhe He, BA,
Coauthors: Mark S. Hansen, MD, Elizabeth A. Davis, MD, FACS, Thomas W. Samuelson, MD

Session: 2-P Keratorefractive Refractive Lenticule Extraction and LASIK Complications
Paper Title: Comparing Outcomes of Small-Incision Lenticule Extraction Versus Combined Topography-Guided and Wavefront-Optimized LASIK
Presenter: Shreyas  Ramamurthy, MD

Session: 2-Q Cornea Keratoconus/CXL
Paper Title: Differential Molecular Signature in Cone Versus Periphery and Its Impact on Custom Crosslinking
Presenter: Pallak Kusumgar, MS

Session: 2-R Cataract Phaco Technology, IOL Delivery Systems
Paper Title: Initial Report of an Automated Capsulotomy Device with a 6-Month Follow-up
Presenter: Gabriel Quesada, MD


Session: 3-A Glaucoma MIGS, Trabeculectomy, and Goniotomy
Paper Title: Excimer Laser Trabeculostomy MIGS Procedure Using No Implants While Lowering Intraocular Pressure Over 8 Years, Alone and with Phaco
Presenter: Michael S. Berlin, MD
Coauthors: Marc Toeteberg-Harms, MD, FEBO, Lea Kleineberg, MD, Vigan Roka, MD, Richard Paul Stodtmeister, MD, Ulrich F Giers, MD

Session: 3-B Keratorefractive Phakic IOLs
Paper Title: Influence of the White-to-White Reproducibility Measured with 2 Systems in the Sizing Selection of a Collagen Copolymer Phakic IOL
Presenter: Joaquín Fernández, MD

Session: 3-C Keratorefractive Corneal Topography and Anterior Segment OCT
Paper Title: Bowman and Below: Next-Generation Topography
Presenter: Natasha K. Pahuja, DOMS
Coauthors: Rohit Shetty, DNB, FRCS, Pallak Kusumgar, MS, Tushar Grover, MS, Abhijit S. Roy, PhD, Kanchan Sainani, MS, DNB

Session: 3-D Cataract Multifocal IOLs, EDOF IOLs
Paper Title: Comparison of the Ocular Scatter Index of Pseudophaic Eyes with a Monofocal IOL Versus Extendend Depth of Focus IOL
Presenter: James C. Loden, MD
Coauthors: Katie A. Mills, MD

Session: 3-E Cornea Dry Eye Disease, Infectious Keratitis
Paper Title: Accelerated Corneal Crosslinking with Photoactivated Chromophore for Therapy-Resistant Infectious Keratitis
Presenter: Farhad Hafezi, MD, PhD
Coauthors: Sabine Kling, PhD, Boris Knaizer, MD, Yonit Krakauer, MD, Toval Lifshitz

Session: 3-F Cornea Endothelium, Corneal Refractive Surgery and Keratoplasty
Paper Title: Exacerbation of Granular Corneal Dystrophy Type II After LASIK Performed in the United States and Europe in Non-Korean Patients
Presenter: Anthony Aldave, MD
Coauthors: Eli Moses, MD, Julie Marie Schallhorn, MD, David G Hwang, MD, FACS

Session: 3-G Cataract Femtosecond Laser
Paper Title: Scanning Electron Micrographic Comparison of Manual Capsulorhexis and Femtosecond Laser–Assisted Capsulotomy Methods
Presenter: Jared Matthews, MD
Coauthors: Terrence P. O'Brien, MD

Session: 3-H Cataract Astigmatism Correction, Femtosecond Laser
Paper Title: Tailored Reduction in Coma, Irregular Astigmatism, and Myopia with Sequential Double Femtosecond-Assisted Surgery in Patient with Bilateral Keratoconus, Cataract, and Anisometropia
Presenter: Luca Gualdi, MD

Session: 3-I Keratorefractive Refractive Lenticule Extraction/LASIK/Crosslinking
Paper Title: Planned Versus Achieved Corneal Thickness Reduction in Femtosecond Laser–Assisted Myopic LASIK and Small-Incision Lenticule Extraction
Presenter: Vasilis Skouteris, MD
Coauthors: A. John Kanellopoulos, MD

Session: 3-J Presbyopia Correction Corneal Inlays.
Paper Title: LASIK and a Transparent Shape-Changing Corneal Inlay with Mitomycin-C
Presenter: Julian Theng, FRCOphth, MMed

Session: 3-K Cataract IOL Calculations
Paper Title: Head-to-Head Comparison of 2 New Data-Driven Calculation Methods
Presenter: Gerald P. Clarke, MD,
Coauthors: Adam Kapelner, PhD

Session: 3-L Retina Dry-Eye Disease/MGD
Paper Title: Prevalence of Meibomian Gland Atrophy in a Pediatric Population
Presenter: Madelyn Stevens, BA
Coauthors: Preeya K. Gupta, MD

Session: 3-M Cataract Phaco Outcomes
Paper Title: Same-Day Versus Different-Day Bilateral Cataract Surgery: Visual Outcomes
Presenter: James Carolan, MD
Coauthors: Neal H. Shorstein, MD, Lisa J. Herrinton, PhD, Liyan Liu, MD, MS

Session: 3-N Pediatric Cataract Surgery, Congenital Cataracts, and IOL Power Calculations
Paper Title: Mobile High-Frequency Low-Energy Femtosecond Laser for Pediatric Cataract Surgery
Presenter: Simon Sheung Man Fung, MA, FRCOphth,
Coauthors: John Brookes, FRCOphth, Mark R. Wilkins, MD, FRCOphth, Gillian GW Adams, FRCS(Ed)

Session: 3-P Presbyopia Correction Corneal Inlays
Paper Title: Pupil Size Effect on Visual Performance with a Small-Aperture Corneal Inlay
Presenter: Steven C. Schallhorn, MD

Session: 3-Q Cornea Ocular Surface Disease
Paper Title: Femtosecond Laser Pterygium Surgery
Presenter: Jod S. Mehta, MD, FRCSEd

Session: 3-R Cataract Toric IOLs
Paper Title: Results of Change of Effective Lens Position on Intraocular Lens Rotation After Toric IOL Implantation
Presenter: Eunchul Kim, MD, PhD
Coauthors: Ji-Hye Lee, MD, Sung Kun Chung, MD, PhD, Hyo Won Kim, MD, Man Soo Kim, MD, PhD

Session: 4-B Cataract Complication Management
Paper Title: Explantation of Opacified IOL and Subluxation of Hydrophilic Acrylic Plate IOL Using a Femtosecond Laser
Presenter: Chandra Bala, PhD, MBBS(Hons)
Coauthors: Thomas Chun Wai Chan, MBBS(Hons), B.Optom(Hons), Kerrie Meades, MBBS(Hons), Andrew White, MBBS Ph

Session: 4-C Keratorefractive LASIK Risks, Flap Creation, and Studies
Paper Title: Evaluation of the PTA Index for the Detection of Ectasia Susceptibility
Presenter: Alain Saad, MD
Coauthors: Perry Scott Binder, MS, MD, Damien Gatinel, MD

Session: 4-D Cataract Multifocal IOLs, Blended Vision
Paper Title: Predictive Analysis of Accommodation Mechanics for Various Technology Applications Using a Virtual 3-D Finite Element Model
Presenter: AnnMarie Hipsley, DPT, PhD
Coauthors: Katie R. Knaus, Daniel B. Goldberg, MD, Silvia S. Blemker, PhD

Session: 4-E Cornea DMEK
Paper Title: Cannula-Assisted Ab Interno Hydro-Unfolding Technique in DMEK
Presenter: Caterina Sarnicola, MD
Coauthors: Enrica Sarnicola, MD, Francsco Sabatino, MD, Vincenzo Sarnicola, MD

Session: 4-F Cataract Glued IOL, Challenging Cases, and Practice Patterns
Paper Title: Risk of Bias Assessment of Randomized Controlled Trials in High-Impact Ophthalmology Journals and Medical Journals: A Systematic Review
Presenter: Robert Koucheki, BSc(C)
Coauthors: Lazar Joksimovic, BSc(C), Marko Popovic, BSc, Matthew B. Schlenker, MD FRCSC, Yusuf Ahmed, BMSc (C), Ike Ahmed, MD

Session: 4-G Cataract Biometry and Surgical Planning
Paper Title: The Effect of Crystalline Lens/Intraocular Lens Tilt and Decentration on Retinal Image Quality Using a Ray Tracing Model
Presenter: Mitchell P. Weikert, MD
Coauthors: Abhinav Golla, BS, Li Wang, MD, PhD, Douglas D. Koch, MD

Session: 4-H Cornea Limbal Stem Cell Transplant, Corneal Storage, and Keratoplasty
Paper Title: The Effect of Mechanical Ventilation Time on Corneal Donor Endothelial Cell Density and Transplant Suitability
Presenter: Jordan Ambrose Margo, MD
Coauthors: Clayton H Brown, PhD, Caroline Kristen Hoover, CEBT, Moulaye Ahmed Haidara, MD, Wuqaas M. Munir, MD

Session: 4-J Keratorefractive LASIK and Refractive Outcomes
Paper Title: Influence of the Optical Zone Design and Magnitude of Correction on the Volume of Corneal Tissue Involved in LASIK Surgery for Myopia
Presenter: Damien Gatinel, MD
Coauthors: Alain Saad, MD, Perry Scott Binder, MS, MD

Session: 4-K Cataract Biometry and Astigmatism
Paper Title: Swept Source Versus Partial Coherent Interferometry/Scheimpflug for Biometry
Presenter: Joshua Frenkel, MD, MPH
Coauthors: Jonathan D. Solomon, MD

Session: 4-L Cataract Phaco Techniques, Instrumentation, and IOL Fixation
Paper Title: Adjunct Micro-Interventional Endocapsular Lens Fragmentation Can Significantly Reduce Phaco Energy and Fluidics: Results of the Leep 103 RCT
Presenter: Tsontcho Ianchulev, MD, MPH
Coauthors: Farrell C. Tyson, MD, Susan MacDonald, MD, Ike Ahmed, MD, Ernesto A. Calvo, MD

Session: 4-M Cornea Keratoconus, OCT, and Transplant Techniques
Paper Title: Bowman Layer Transplantation for Advanced Keratoconus: Graft Preparation and Clinical Outcomes
Presenter: Esther Groeneveld-van Beek, M.Sc.

Coauthors: Jack Parker, MD, Korine van Dijk, Vasilis S. Liarakos, MD, PhD, Lamis Baydoun, MD, Gerrit R.J. Melles, MD, PhD

2018 Best Paper of Session (BPOS) Winners

Session Winning Paper Title Presenter CoAuthors
SPS-101 Challenging Cases/IFIS Prevalence of Macular Abnormalities Identified Only by OCT in Patients with Cataract Bruna V. Ventura, MD, PhD Laura Portela Rabello, MD; Wanessa Michelle Paes Pinto, MD; Marcelo C. Ventura, MD, PhD
SPS-102 Refractive Outcomes/ELP/Refractive Index Shaping Assessment of a New Objective Lens-Density Quantification Method Using Swept-Source OCT for Cataract Grading Damien Gatinel, MD, PhD Christophe Panthier, MD; Alain Saad, MD; Helene Rouger, PhD
SPS-103 SMILE/LASIK To Flush or Not to Flush the Interface in Small-Incision Lenticule Extraction: First Results in a Prospective Randomized Paired-Eye Multicenter Study Walter Sekundo, MD, PhD Ralf Kind; Laszlo Kiraly, MD; Bertram Meyer, MD; Suphi Taneri, MD; Leonie M. Troeber, MD; Rainer H. Wiltfang, MD
SPS-104 MIGS/Laser/Other Surgery Outcomes of Ab Interno Gel Stent Placement with and without Previous Incisional Glaucoma Procedures Arsham Sheybani, MD Joseph Panarelli, MD; Kent P. Bashford, DO; Alan Mitchell, MS; Jill Ling; Susan S. Lee, PhD; Rupali S. Nangia, MS
SPS-105 Dry Eye Disease and Treatment Options Evaluation of Symptoms of Blurred Vision and Corneal Staining in Dry Eye Treated with Cyclosporine Ophthalmic Emulsion 0.05% or Vehicle Mark S. Milner, MD Elizabeth Yeu, MD; Emily Weng, ScD, MBA; Michelle Senchyna, PhD
SPS-106 Keratoconus: Topography-Guided PRK/CXL/Surgical Techniques Bowman Layer Graft Surgery for Keratoconus: Preliminary Results Georges D. Baïkoff, MD
SPS-107 EDOF/EROV IOLs Extended-Depth-of-Focus IOL Implantation after Radial Keratotomy Brandon Baartman, MD Kayla Karpuk, OD; John P. Berdahl, MD; Keith O'Neil Rasmussen, OD; Douglas D. Wallin, OD; Vance Thompson, MD
SPS-108 LASIK Procedures: Topography-Guided and Wavefront-Guided More Eyes with 20/10 Distance Visual Acuity at 12 Months Versus 3 Months in a Topography-Guided Excimer Laser Trial: Possible Contributing Factors Daniel S. Durrie, MD Richard Potvin, MASc, OD; Andrea Petznick, PhD
SPS-109 Surgical Planning/SMILE Differential Biomechanical Changes in LASIK Flap and Small-Incision Lenticule Extraction Cap Shruti K. Maru, MS, DNB Rohit Shetty, DNB, FRCS; Abhijit S. Roy, PhD
SPS-110 Surgical Outcomes: MIGS/Supraciliary Evaluation of Ab Interno Subconjunctival Drainage Device in the Management of Glaucoma: Nine-Month Results Saama Sabeti, MD Sangsu Han, MD; Garfield Miller, MD; Robert L. Chevrier, MD, FRCSC; David Marshall, MD; Ralf Buhrmann, MD, PhD, FRCSC
SPS-111 Keratoconus: CXL Techniques/Femto Assisted Femtosecond-Assisted Crosslinking Versus Conventional Crosslinking: Proof of Concept of the Deeper the Better Lional Raj Daniel Raj Ponniah, MD Amar Agarwal, FRCS
SPS-112 DSAEK/Donor Tissue Evaluation/Nanothin Effect of Cornea Preservation Time on Descemet-Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty Success and Endothelial Cell Loss: Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial Jonathan Lass, MD Loretta B. Szczotka-Flynn, OD, PhD; Beth Ann Benetz, FOPS; Allison Ayala; Roy W. Beck, MD, PhD; Wendi Liang, MS; . Cornea Preservation Time Study Group
SPS-201 Astigmatism/Toric IOLs Comparison of Astigmatic Prediction Error of a New Toric Lens Calculator Incorporating the Abulafia-Koch Formula with Other Calculation Methodologies Tiago B. Ferreira, MD Filomena J. Ribeiro, MD, PhD; Paulo Ribeiro, PhD; João O'Neill, PhD
SPS-202 Scleral Implants/Scleral Microperforation/Presbyopic LASIK Evaluation of Accommodative and Biomechanical Changes in Macaque Nonhuman Primates after Laser Scleral Microporation Jod S. Mehta, MD, FRCSEd AnnMarie Hipsley, DPT, PhD; Yu-Chi Liu, MD, MCI
SPS-203 MFIOLs/EDOF IOL's/Mix-and-Match IOLs Modeling the Effect of Off-Axis Light for Refractive and Diffractive IOLs Mark Packer, MD
SPS-204 Refractive Outcomes: Topography/Wavefront-Guided/SMILE/Phakic IOLs Clinical Outcomes and Vector Analysis in Myopia Patients with High Astigmatism with Small-Incision Lenticule Extraction and Corneal Wavefront-Guided Transepithelial PRK David Sung Yong Kang, MD Ikhyun Jun, MD, PhD; Dan Z. Reinstein, MD, FRCSC; Si Yoon Park, MD; Eun Kyung Kim, MD; Tae-im Kim, MD, PhD
SPS-205 Keratoconus: PRK/Intrastromal Rings/CXL Femtosecond-Assisted Image-Guided Intracorneal Ring Segment Implantation: Anterior and Posterior Bulging and Relationship with Contact Lens Fitting Salima I. Hassanaly, MD Andrea C. Arteaga, MD; Jose de la Cruz, MD, MSc
SPS-206 Complications Optical Quality Assessment of IOLs with Localized Opacification Associated with the Intraocular Injection of Gas Grzegorz Labuz, PhD Timur M. Yildirim, MD; Tom J.T.P. van den Berg, PhD; Ramin Khoramnia, MD; Gerd U. Auffarth, MD, PhD
SPS-206 Complications Flap Motility as a Sign for Early Diagnosis of Posterior Capsule Rupture in the Presence of Anterior Capsular Tears Tushya Parkash, MS Shruti Mahajan, MS; Rohit Parkash, MS
SPS-207 DMEK: Outcomes/Preloaded Tissue Regenerative Therapy for Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy: Descemet Membrane Transplantation Jod S. Mehta, MD, FRCSEd
SPS-208 EDOF/Trifocal IOLs Extended-Depth-of-Focus Toric IOL Targeted for Emmetropia in Both Eyes or Nanovision: Defocus Curve and Reading Speed Results Stephen G. Slade, MD Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD; Stephen S. Lane, MD; Helga P. Sandoval, MD, MSCR; Kerry D. Solomon, MD
SPS-209 LASIK/PRK Outcomes One-Dimensional Versus 3-Dimensional Tissue Altered Metrics for LASIK Surgery Damien Gatinel, MD, PhD Alain Saad, MD; Perry S. Binder, MS, MD
SPS-210 Maculopathy Retrospective Analysis of Real-World Disease Detection and Visual Acuity Outcomes in Patients with Dry AMD Converting to Wet AMD Using the AAO IRIS Registry Database Allen C. Ho, MD, FACS
SPS-210 Maculopathy Implantation of Macular Lens in Patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Prospective European Multicenter Clinical Trial Sathish Srinivasan, FRCSEd, FRCOphth Gabor B. Scharioth, MD, PhD
SPS-211 IOL Power Calculations/Post Refractive Surgery New Method for IOL Power Calculation in the Second Eye of Patients with Previous Keratorefractive Surgery Shawn R. Lin, MD, MBA David Xu, MD; D. Rex Hamilton, MS, MD
SPS-212 Phacoemulsification: Fluidics/Complex Cases Advanced MicroInterventional Technique for Nucleus Disassembly in Grade 4 and 4+ Cataracts Tsontcho Ianchulev, MD, MPH Farrell C. Tyson, MD; John P. Berdahl, MD; Ike Ahmed, MD
SPS-213 MFIOLs/Trifocal IOLs Comparative Analysis of Visual Performance after Bilateral Implantation of 2 New Diffractive Trifocal IOLs after Lens Removal Thomas Kohnen, MD, PhD, FEBO Eva Hemkeppler, MSc; Michael Herzog, MD; Sabrina Schönbrunn; Nina De Lorenzo; Kerstin Petermann, MSc; Myriam S. Böhm, MD, MSc
SPS-214 Refractive Outcomes: PRK/SMILE Understanding Molecular Pathways in Corneal Haze after PRK: Clinical Implications and New Targeted Therapeutics Pooja Khamar, MBBS, MS Rohit Shetty, DNB, FRCS; Arkasubhra Ghosh; Rajiv R. Mohan, PhD
SPS-215 Drug Delivery Stanniocalcin-1 Ocular Hypotensive Agent and Downstream Effector Molecule Necessary for the IOP-Lowering Effects of Latanoprost Gavin Roddy, MD, PhD
SPS-301 Devices and Instrumentation Minicap Sub-4.0 mm Phaco-Free Surgical Approach and Global Cataract Outreach Using Microinterventional Techniques Susan M. MacDonald, MD Tsontcho Ianchulev, MD, MPH; Alan S. Crandall, MD; Ernesto A. Calvo, MD
SPS-302 EDOF IOLs/Comparison Studies Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Implantation of Toric Multifocal IOL Based on Automated Corneal Shape Analysis Comparison with a Manual Technique Philipp Hagen, PhD Detlev R. Breyer, MD; Hakan Kaymak, MD; Karsten Klabe, MD; Timon Ax; Florian TA Kretz, MD; Gerd U. Auffarth, MD, PhD
SPS-303 Corneal Inlays Presbyopia Correction after Small-Aperture Corneal Inlay Implantation after Previous LASIK Shamik Bafna, MD Majid Moarefi, MD; William F. Wiley, MD; Jeffrey M. Augustine, OD
SPS-304 Refractive Outcomes: LASIK/PRK/SMILE Contralateral-Eye Comparison of Quality of Vision in Wavefront-Guided and Wavefront-Optimized LASIK Joshua R. Roe, MD Edward E. Manche, MD
SPS-305 Ocular Surface Disease/Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency/MGD Treatments Lid-Wiper Epitheliopathy in Distinct Regions of Upper and Lower Eyelids in Patients with Varying Degrees of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction Jack V. Greiner, MD, PhD Michael Lindsay, BA; Deidra M. Soto, BS; Paula J. Oliver, AS
SPS-306 DALK/Keratoprosthesis/Limbal Stem Cell Transplantation Big Bubble Type 1 Formation During DALK Guided by Dual Scheimpflug and 10.0 mm Diameter Placido Topography and Pachymetry Maps Carlos G. Arce, MD Adriana S. Forseto, MD; Heanes T. Pfluck, MD; Nicolas C. Pereira, MD
SPS-307 Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery Ensuring Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Corneal Incisions are Where the Surgeons Want Them to Be Chandra Bala, PhD, MBBS(Hons) Kerrie Meades, MBBS(Hons)
SPS-308 Medications: Topical/Intracameral Comparison of Abatement of Intracameral Cefuroxime, Moxifloxacin, and Vancomycin in the Anterior Chamber and Their Efficacies Steve A. Arshinoff, MD, FRCSC Tina Felfeli, BSc
SPS-310 Refractive Procedures: SMILE/ReLEx Long-Term Safety and Visual and Refractive Outcomes after Femtosecond Laser Intrastromal Lenticule Implantation for Treatment of Hyperopia Sri Ganesh, MBBS, MS, DNB Sheetal Brar, MD
SPS-311 Refractive Procedures:Photorefractive Intrastromal CXL/LASIK/Topography-Guided Laser In Situ Keratomileusis Using Topography-Modified Refraction Versus Standard Refraction: Prospective Contralateral-Eye Study A. John Kanellopoulos, MD
SPS-312 IOL Power Calculations/Biometry Exploring Pupil Dynamics and Biometry in Eyes Having Cataract Surgery Damien Gatinel, MD, PhD Imene Salah, MSc; Alain Saad, MD
SPS-313 MIGS Effects on Outflow Facility of 3 New Schlemm Canal Devices Douglas J. Rhee, MD Ike Ahmed, MD; Carol B. Toris, PhD
SPS-314 Devices and Techniques Effect of Pulsing with Transverse Ultrasound on Efficiency and Chatter Christina A. Mamalis, MD Ashlie A. Bernhisel, MD; Alex J. Wright, BS; Brian E. Zaugg, MD; William R. Barlow, MD; Jeff Pettey, MD; Randall J. Olson, MD
SPS-315 Pediatric Cataract Outcomes Clinical Outcomes of Pars Plana Posterior Capsulectomy and Anterior Vitrectomy in Pediatric Cataract Surgery William J. Johnson, MD M. Edward Wilson, MD; Rupal H. Trivedi, MD
SPS-316 IOLs: Monofocal/Design Intraocular Len Optic Design Modifications to Reduce Positive and Negative Dysphotopsia Jay C. Erie, MD Michael Mahr, MD; Michael J. Simpson, PhD; Mark H. Bandhauer, MS
SPS-317 Complications: LASIK/SMILE Results of a New Surgical Technique Using a Femtosecond Laser in LASIK Enhancements to Reduce the Incidence of Epithelium Ingrowth Mark C. Lobanoff, MD
SPS-318 Complications: Ectasia/Infection/Phakic IOLs Flap Melting Over Corneal Inlay for Hyperopic Correction Suphi Taneri, MD Saskia Kiessler, Dipl.-Ing.; Anika Rost, MSc; H. Burkhard Dick, MD
SPS-319 Keratoconus: Diagnosis and Treatment Methods Comparison of Effect of Eye Rubbing in Keratoconus Eyes and Normal Eyes Using Scheimpflug Analysis and a Dynamic Bidirectional Applanation Device Maria A. Henriquez, MD, PhD Marta G. Hadid, MD; Angella M. Cerrate Ramos Sr., MD; Laura A. Cañola Ramirez Sr., MD; Luis Izquierdo, MD, PhD
SPS-402 IOL Power Calculations/ Astigmatism Measurements Accuracy of Total Corneal Topographic Astigmatism Compared with Total Corneal Power Measured Using 3 Tomographers Noel Alpins, MD, FACS George Stamatelatos, OD; James K. Ong, BOptom, Dr. rer. nat.; J. Bradley Randleman, MD; Anita Nevyas-Wallace, MD
SPS-403 Surgical Outcomes: MIGS/Combined Procedures Goldmann Applanation Tonometry Error Relative to True Intracameral Pressure Modulated in Live Human Eyes Having Cataract Surgery Sean McCafferty, MD
SPS-404 Ocular Surface/Pterygium, AMT High-Resolution Anterior Segment OCT to Diagnosis and Differentiate Between Benign Lymphoid Hyperplasia, Conjunctival Lymphoma, and Conjunctival Amyloidosis Nandini Venkateswaran, MD Van Ann Tran, MD; Anat Galor, MD, MSPH; Carol L. Karp, MD
SPS-405 DMEK Technique/Indications Host Descemetic Scaffold for Pre-Descemet and Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty Soosan Jacobs
SPS-406 PTK/SMILE/Keratoplasty Techniques Treating Corneal Edema with Artificial Corneal Endothelial Implant: First Human Experience and 4-Year Animal Study Ofer Daphna, MD
SPS-407 Practice Patterns/Training Impact of International Council of Ophthalmology Examinations in Latin America Juan F. Batlle, MD
SPS-408 Small-Aperture IOLs/Accommodating IOLs Assessing Patient Refractive Needs with Objective Measurements Arthur B. Cummings, MD Pavel Zakharov, PhD; Moreno Menghini, MD; Matthias Brunner, MD; Eduard Haefliger, MD
SPS-409 Secondary IOLs/Surgical Outcomes Multifocal IOL Failure: Reasons for IOL Exchange and Associated Ocular Comorbidities Steven M. Naids, MD Samuel Masket, MD; Nicole R. Fram, MD
SPS-410 Toric IOLs/ Power Calculation Effect of IOL Tilt on Refractive Astigmatism Simulated with a Ray-Tracing Model Mitchell P. Weikert, MS, MD Abhinav Golla, BS; Li Wang, MD, PhD
SPS-411 Microbial Keratitis: Diagnosis/Treatment/CXL Bactericidal Peroxidation of Riboflavin Photoactivated by UVA for Stationary-Phase MRSA Persister Cells Causing Keratitis in Vitro Andreina Tarff, MD Rebecca Yee; Ying Zhang, MD, PhD; Ashley Behrens, MD
SPS-412 FLACS: Lens Fragmentation/Complex Cases Simultaneous Pupil Expansion and Displacement Technique for Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery in Patients with Lens Ectopia Boris E. Malyugin, MD, PhD Natalia Anisimova, MD; Olga Antonova, PhD; Lisa B. Arbisser, MD
SPS-413 Ocular Surface/Corneal Dystrophies Clinical and Cytogenetic Characterization of a Previously Unreported Family with Posterior Amorphous Corneal Dystrophy Martha F. Whiting, BS Aleck E. Cervantes, BS; Katherine M. Gee, BS; Ricardo F. Frausto, BA; Anthony J. Aldave, MD

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