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Ophthalmology Quicksand Chronicles

Episode #10   |  ZAINA AL-MOHTASEB: The Unrelenting Uveitic Cataract

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Watch—or listen—to this episode of Quicksand Chronicles where our hosts are joined by Dr. Al-Mohtaseb, an incredible surgeon, teacher, and recognized leader in the field of ophthalmology. Dr. Al-Mohtaseb showcases one of the toughest cases she has staffed at the county hospital. Dr. Al-Mohtaseb describes her decision making, how she shifted from observing to taking over the case, given the complex posterior synechiae, thick pupillary membrane, and diffuse zonulopathy.

Tune in to listen to Dr. Al-Mohtaseb’s thought process in this challenging quicksand moment!

Thank you to our episode sponsors, Ocular Therapeutix and Glaukos.

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