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ASCRS Foundation Renames Its Highest Honor in Recognition of Alan Crandall, MD

The ASCRS Foundation joins the entire ophthalmic community in mourning the passing of Alan Crandall, MD on October 2, 2020. A past-president of ASCRS, Dr. Crandall dedicated his career to humanitarian service and his loving, generous spirit permeated all he did, whether with patients, colleagues, students, friends, or family.

In recognition of Dr. Crandall’s exemplary life and commitment to charitable service, The ASCRS Foundation will rename its highest honor, The Chang-Crandall Humanitarian Award.

Founded in 2017 with a generous endowment from David and Victoria Chang, The Chang Humanitarian Award was created to honor important humanitarian work in the field of cataract blindness and disability, both in the United States and around the world. The annual award includes a $50,000 donation, which is directed by the winner to an ophthalmic organization engaged in humanitarian eyecare.

Dr. Crandall was the inaugural recipient of the award, selecting the Moran Eye Center’s Global Outreach program to receive the $50,000. In an interview at the time, he reflected on his career-long dedication to humanitarian work. Click here to view the interview.

“Our beloved friend Alan cared deeply about ASCRS and the Foundation. He mentored and inspired so many colleagues to follow his lead in humanitarian service, and he’ll forever be a role model for us all.” - David F. Chang

The nominating period for the 2021 Chang-Crandall Humanitarian Award has been extended through November 16, 2020. Don’t miss this opportunity to recognize the exceptional contributions of Dr. Alan Crandall and others like him by submitting a 2021 nomination today.

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