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The ASCRS Foundation wishes to thank the following individuals, corporations and foundations for their generous support of the Foundation in 2020.

Premiere Partners

The Allergan Foundation

Premiere Partner

STAAR Surgical

Premiere Partner

Visionary Partners

Alcon Foundation

Visionary Partner

Johnson & Johnson Vision

Visionary Partner

Catalyst Partners

Aerie Pharmaceuticals

Catalyst Partner

Avellino Labs

Catalyst Partner


Catalyst Partner

Strength, Hope and Friend Partners

Carl Zeiss Meditec

Strength Partner

EyePoint Pharmaceuticals

Strength Partner

Friends of Vision

Strength Partner

Kala Pharmaceuticals

Strength Partner

Neurotech Pharmaceuticals

Hope Partner

Cassini Technologies

Friend Partner

Sun Ophthalmics

Friend Partner

Surface Ophthalmics

Friend Partner


Friend Partner


Friend Partner

Philanthropists, Benefactors and Champions

Anonymous in honor of Steven Safran, MD


David and Victoria Chang


Reay H. Brown, MD


Dahl Family Foundation


Kim Family


George H. Beiko, BM, BCh, FRCSC


Stuart Cumming, MD


Caren Mason


Satish S. Modi, MD, FRCSC


Alexander Musser


E. Ronald Salvitti, MD


Individual Supporters

The ASCRS Foundation extends a special thank-you to individual donors who have donated more than $500 since 2019.

Louis M. Alpern, MD


Brock K. Bakewell, MD

Emara Barry, MD

John Berdahl, MD

Douglas Bishop, MD

Hari Bodhireddy, MD

Thomas Brown, JD

William Cain, Jr., MD

Mandi D. Conway, MD, FACS

Robert and Helen J. Cionni, MD

Christine Coward, MD

Kiju deLeon

Steven J. Dell, MD

David Derose, MD

Jack M. Dodick, MD

Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD

Jesse A. Dovich, MD

Louise A. Doyle, DO

John Epstein, MD

Paul H. Ernest, M.D., MD

Barbara C. Erny, MD

Anthony Farah, MD

Tom Frinzi

Sumit Garg, MD

Adrienne Graves, PhD

John Harris

G. David Hendricks, MD

Warren E. Hill, MD

Richard S. Hoffman, MD

William E. Holcomb, III, MD

Edward J. Holland, MD

Gerald Horn, MD

Kerry E. Hunt, MD

Mitchell A. Jackson, MD

Darren Jones

Kandon Kamae, MD, MD

David and Anne Karcher

Lawrence B. Katzen, MD

Laurence D. Kaye, MD

Clare Kelliher, MD, MSc

Mrs. and Dr. Ann Kelman

John E. Kennedy, MD

David Kershaw

Terry Kim, MD

Daniel C. Kline, MD

Stephen D. Klyce, PhD

Douglas D. Koch, MD

William T. Koch, COA, COE, CPC

Scott E. LaBorwit, MD

Stephen S. Lane, MD

Robert P. Lehmann, MD

Richard A. Lehrer, MD

Amy Lin, MD

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD

William Lipsky, MD

Brian D. Lueth, MD

Francis S. Mah, MD

Nick Mamalis, MD

James Mazzo

Kevin M. Miller, MD

Robert Mobley, MD

Satish S. Modi, MD, FRCSC

Patrick H. Mooney

Alexander Musser

William G. Myers, MD

Stephen A. Obstbaum, MD

Michael Onuscheck

Michael G. Orr, MD

Robert H. Osher, MD

Tim P. Page, MD

Parag & Purvi Parekh, MDs

David H. Park, MD

Lisa Park, MD

Reena N. Patel, MD

Theodore Perl, MD

Scott B. Pomerantz, MD

Tal Raviv, MD

Matt Runde, MD

Thomas W. Samuelson, MD

Steven R. Sarkisian, Jr., MD

Mitchell C. Shultz, MD

Michael E. Snyder, MD

Kerry D. Solomon, MD

Stephen Speares

Sadiqa K. Stelzner, MD, MS

Richard K. Stiverson, MD

Grace Sun, MD

Audrey Talley-Rostov, MD

Anjali Tannan, MD

Michael J. Taravella, MD

Kipling Thacker, PhD

Vance Thompson, MD

Richard Tipperman, MD

Henry Upton, MD

Denise M. Visco, MD

Kevin L. Waltz, MD, OD

Eliot Wegbreit

Mitchell Weikert, MD

Dana J. Weinkle, MD

Elizabeth G. Whipple

Duane A. Wiggins, MD

Deborah Wu, MD

Lyn E. Yakubov, MD

Elizabeth Yeu, MD

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