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Young Eye Surgeons

Who is part of YES?

ASCRS aims to engage with young ophthalmologists in a meaningful way through content targeted directly to the young eye surgeon knowledge level.  YES members include residents, fellows and physicians in their first five years of practice. With Webinars run by the YES Clinical Committee, Online Learning CME Modules, Peer-Reviewed Clinical Reports, specific programming for young eye surgeons at the ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting and more, ASCRS provides tools and resources to support developing surgeon.

YES Membership

ASCRS greatly values the contributions from its YES members and appreciates the opportunity to help them advance their careers and hone their clinical skills. ASCRS is committed to providing free education to residents and fellows across the country; surgeons in their first five years of practice who live in the U.S. are eligible for reduced fees as shown below:

  • Young Physician 1st Year $100 (annual dues)
  • Young Physician 2nd Year $200 (annual dues)
  • Young Physician 3rd Year $300 (annual dues)
  • Young Physician 4th Year $360 (annual dues)
  • Young Physician 5th Year $420 (annual dues)

Please contact Pura Valdez at for membership questions.

Upcoming YES Events

Upcoming Monthly Residents and Fellows Roundtables sponsored by the ASCRS YES Committee 
Tuesday, November 17th at 7:30 EST 
Challenging Cataract Cases: “Complex/Dense Lenses Management”
Ashley Brissette, MD and Michael Patterson, DO

Previous Roundtables:
September 16th, 2020 - "The Do's and Don'ts of Small Pupils"

October 21st, 2020 - "Loose Zonules...What to do when you lose them"

ASOA and YES Joint Webinar
Navigating the Current Job Market
MD Moderator: Zach Zavodni, MD 
ASOA Moderator: Deborah Davis, COE 
Faculty: Mark Hansen, MD; Michael Patterson, DO; and Julie Schallhorn, MD 
ASOA Faculty: Thomas Brown, JD, COE; Sharon Brown, COT, COE; and Hayley Boling, MBA, COE 
Sunday, November 1st 
Register here

ASCRS Grand Rounds Presented by Duke University Eye Center
ASCRS Grand Rounds is a virtual, complimentary CME offering exclusive to ASCRS membership that brings the experience of a live grand rounds to your home or office.

Listen to the panel of experts discuss and debate the management of interesting cases.  Following each case presentation, you won’t want to miss the Clinical Pearls presentation given by one of our ASCRS Clinical Committee members that will help you prevent and handle these cases.  You will be able to engage in live discussion with faculty using the real-time comment module or view on demand at your convenience.

Terry Kim, MD
Sumitra Khandelwal, MD

Christopher Boehlke, MD
Preeya Gupta, MD
Lloyd Williams, MD, PhD
C. Ellis Wisely, MD
Elizabeth Yeu, MD

Amal Al-Lozi, MD
Regina De Luna, MD

1st Case Presentation: “Eyes on the Surprise”
               -Regina De Luna, MD: ABMD and Refractive Surprise Case

Case 1: A 79-year-old male presents for a second opinion with a refractive surprise following his uncomplicated cataract surgery. His second eye is phakic with a nuclear sclerotic cataract.  What happened with the pseudophakic eye? How should this patient be treated?

-Panel Discussion
-Clinical Pearls Talk
               -Terry Kim, MD

-2nd Case Presentation: “Trouble with the Flap”
               -Amal Al-Lozi, MD: LASIK Flap Interface Fluid Case

Case 2: A 60-year-old male with a history of LASIK underwent cataract surgery complicated by IOL dislocation. An ACIOL was placed and later removed due to corneal edema. Now aphakic with steroid-induced glaucoma, he is referred for fluid in the LASIK flap interface. How would you manage this patient?

-Panel Discussion
-Clinical Pearls Talk
               - Elizabeth Yeu, MD

For information on the ASCRS Grand Rounds program, click here.

ASCRS/YES Legislative Fly In

ASCRS YES members are encouraged to apply for the Legislative Fly-In Scholarship for the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC to learn about policy issues affecting ophthalmology and meet directly with their members of Congress. 

ASCRS is committed to providing free education to residents and fellows across the country. Check back here for information on upcoming meetings and programs specifically for residents and fellows.

Have a clinical question for the YES Committee? Please send it to

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