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Charles D. Kelman Innovator's Lecture

The Charles D. Kelman Innovator's Lecture honors the work of individuals whose creativity has benefited ophthalmologists and their patients. The lecture is presented during a special session at the annual ASCRS Program at the ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting.

Charles D. Kelman, MD (1930-2004), presented the first lecture in 1985. In recognition of the ongoing contribution of Dr. Kelman to anterior segment surgery, the lecture was renamed for him in 2003.

Kensaku Miyake, MD

Innovative TV Technologies for Ophthalmic Surgery

May 20, 2006

San Francisco, CA

Carmen A. Puliafito, MD

Imaging of the Eye in the 21st Century: Implications for the Anterior Segment Surgeon

Apr 18, 2005

Washington, DC

John Marshall, PhD

Developments, Debate, and Dilemma: Wavefronts and Biomechanics

May 3, 2004

San Diego, CA

Ioannis Pallikaris, MD

Refractive Surgery: Quo Vadis?

Apr 14, 2003

San Francisco, CA

David J. Apple, MD

The Future of Ophthalmic Biodevices: The Scene is Shifting

Jun 3, 2002

Philadelphia, PA

Gholam A. Peyman, MD

Telescopic IOLs and New Perspectives in Refractive Surgery

Apr 30, 2001

San Diego, CA

Stephen D. Klyce, PhD

Corneal Topography in the 21st Century

May 22, 2000

Boston, MA

David J. McIntyre, MD

Innovation—A State of Mind?

Apr 12, 1999

Seattle, WA

Manus C. Kraff, MD

The Evolution of a Major Ophthalmologic Symposium

Apr 20, 1998

San Diego, CA

Luis A. Ruiz, MD

Refractive Surgery: Back to the Future

Apr 28, 1997

Boston, MA

James P. Gills, MD

Our Innovation Comes from Others

Jun 4, 1996

Seattle, WA

Leo D. Bores, MD

Refractive Surgery: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Apr 4, 1995

San Diego, CA


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