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Evaluation of Lens Capsule Manipulating Devices by Slit Side View
May 2019
Meeting: 2019 Annual Meeting
Authors: Tomoyuki Kunishige, MD; Yuji Nakano, MD; Toshihiko Shiwa, MD; Hisaharu Suzuki, MD; Hiroshi Takahashi, MD
Poster ID: 53617
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Poster Abstract

We evaluated usefulness of lens capsule manipulating devices in a ruptured Zinn’s zonule eye using Slit Side View (SSV) which provides a cross-sectional view of the anterior chamber during the procedure.
Nine pig eyes were used. A pig eye was set on the eyeball fixing base. From the 2.4mm incision, a viscoadaptive agent was injected into the anterior chamber, especially under the iris so that the Zinn’s zonule was visible well. A half circumference of the Zinn’s zonule was lacerated using a hook, and continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis was made. Then the capsular tension ring was inserted in 3 eyes (CTR group), the capsular expander was attached in 3 eyes (CE group), and no devices were used in 3 eyes (Control) and phacoemulsification was performed. During the procedure, movement of the lens capsule and the anterior chamber depth was observed by SSV system.
During phacoemulsification, the lens capsule was unstable in Control. In CTR group, the lens capsule was stretched by CTR and was stable at its original position. In CE group, although the lens capsule was lifted from its original position, the capsule was stable.
SSV provides valuable information in evaluating the usefulness of the lens capsule manipulating devices.

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