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Comparison between the Swept-Source OCT Movu Argos Optical Biometer and the Lenstar Biometer
May 2019
Meeting: 2019 Annual Meeting
Authors: Liz Brennan, MSc; Ann-Marie Coen; Arthur Cummings, MD; Stephanie Naughton, MSc
Poster ID: 53686
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Poster Abstract

This study had 2 purposes: 1) Compare the biometry measurements between the Movu Argos Biometer and the Lenstar optical biometer 2) Compare the IOL powers predicted to the actual IOL used and refractive result obtained.
299 eyes being evaluated for cataract surgery were retrospectively compared on the Movu Argos Biometer to the Lenstar. The corneal measurements were additionally measured with the Topolyzer (Placido disk topographer) and the Oculyzer (Scheimpflug camera). Anterior segment parameters included CCT, ACD, LT, WTW and pupil size where available. Actual cataract refractive outcomes are compared to the predicted outcomes of the Movu and Lenstar.
Results are not fully analysed yet. Analysis to date: In general, excellent correlation between the Movu and the Lenstar biometers was found. The Topolyzer and the Oculyzer matched the corneal and anterior segment measurements obtained by the biometers very well. Pupil measurements were similar with the biometers and smaller and similar with the Topolyzer and Oculyzer. Corneal radii were very similar between the 4 examination devices. Lenstar vs Movu median difference between corneal radii was 0.03mm (p<0.0001). Axial length was very similar between Movu and Lenstar (median difference = 0.0 (p=0.4797) but for the longer eyes, especially > 26mm, the Movu measured the eye fractionally longer than the Lenstar. IOL power selection was very similar and the final analysis will reveal which biometer achieved closest to the actual results achieved.
The Movu Argos biometer compared very well to the Lenstar. Mean AL measurements differed by 0.0mm (p=0.4797). Corneal measurements differed by 0.03mm (p<0.0001). The IOL power selected was the same power IOL in most cases and the final analysis will be available for the meeting.

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