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Hypermature Cataract
May 2019
Meeting: 2019 Annual Meeting
Session: SYM-102: Lessons Learned- Challenging Cases and Complication Management
Presenter: Sumitra S. Khandelwal, MD
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This video demonstrates a dense mature cataract that has liquefied cortex and presence as a white cataract without red reflex. Aspiration of the cortex with a needle under a heavy viscoelastic prevents run out of the anterior capsule and the remaining lens is dense and highly mobile. Change in settings and technique is imperative to removal of the nuclear material.
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This presentation is from the session "SYM-102: Lessons Learned- Challenging Cases and Complication Management" from the 2019 ASCRS Annual Meeting held on May 4-7, 2019 in San Diego, California.

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