Use of ORCA EBK in Collagen Crosslinking
May 2019
Meeting: 2019 Annual Meeting
Session: SYM-205: Mastering It All: Tips for Success from Successful Female Leaders
Presenter: Kathryn M. Hatch, MD
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This presentation reviews the ORCA EBK device for epithelial removal. This device can be using in an setting when the epithelium is being removed including PRK, superficial keratectomy and collagen crosslinking and can allow for fast epithelial healing without damage to Bowman’s membrane. Specifically, the benefits of fast epithelial healing with minimal pain in the setting of collagen crosslinking are discussed.
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This presentation is from the session "SYM-205: Mastering It All: Tips for Success from Successful Female Leaders" from the 2019 ASCRS Annual Meeting held on May 4-7, 2019 in San Diego, California.

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