Next Day Cosmetic Outcomes of Pterygium Surgery: Sparkle(TM) Technique | ASCRS
Next Day Cosmetic Outcomes of Pterygium Surgery: Sparkle(TM) Technique
May 2019
Meeting: 2019 Annual Meeting
Author: Arun Gulani, MD
Poster ID: 55849
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Poster Abstract

Suture-less Amniotic surgery can be used to correct pterygiumsin raising the bar to cosmetic outcomes starting next day after surgery to long term followup. A new acronym is being introduced; SPARKLE (Sutureless Pterygium Amniotic Reconstructive Lamellar Keratectomy)technique to signify this paradigm shift in outcomes and expectations.
600 eyes of patients with pterygium underwent “Iceberg”concept of pterygium surgery to remove the entire lesion followed by Amniotic graft placement with Tiseel glue with maximum follow up of 16 years.
This technique has resulted in very satisfied patients with ecstatic reactions to their sparkling white eyes as well as early recovery of vision and return to their occupations from the very next day. The recurrence rate has come down from national average of 39% to 0.16%.
The SPARKLE technique using Human placenta can result in pleasing aesthetics, early recovery and gratified patients in raising the bar on ocular surface surgery to cosmetic outcomes. This also lends itself to Premium Cataract and Laser Vision surgery as the next stage in enhancing the recovered vision.

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