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Trifocal IOLs to Correct Refractive Defects and Presbyopia after Cataract Surgery : New Guidelines for Use in the Majority of Patients
May 2020
Meeting: 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting
Session: SPS-108 Trifocal IOLs
Authors: Matteo Piovella, MD, Barbara Kusa MD
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To evaluate results in cataract eyes after phaco and trifocal/trifocal toric IOLs implantation to provide intermediate distance. Postop refractive plano results provide high quality of vision and patients satisfaction. New center organization and eyes evaluation are key points to spread the use of trifocal lenses to the majority of patients

378 Eyes with cataract were implanted with trifocal presbyopic IOLs (Carl Zeiss Meditec) 184 eyes implanted with TRIFOCAL IOL (48.7%) 194 eyes implanted with TORIC TRIFOCAL IOL (51.3%) Bilateral implant 178 patient 74 Patients implanted with both TRIFOCAL IOLs(41.5%) 78 Patients impklanted with both TORIC TRIFOCAL IOLs (43.8%) 26 Patients implanted with TRIFOCAL IOL in one eye and TORIC TRIFOCAL IOL in the other eye (14.7%) Mean Age 67.29 ± 11.66 IOL calculations were performed adopting most advanced biometry instruments and total astigmatism axis alignment performed with digital system. Tears film quality and MGD was always detected Lipiflow and Blephex were applied on large scale

At 5 years monocular Trifocal IOLs results are UCDVA 20/22 ± 2.40 UCIVA 20/24 ± 3.13 UCNVA 20/27 ± 5.37 , monocular Toric Trifocal IOLs are UCDVA 20/20 ± 3.25 UCIVA 20/35 ± 4.75 UCNVA 20/29 ± 2.56 Binocular results (178 patients) are UCDVA was 20/20, intermediate 20/20 and near vision 20/24 96 % OF PATIENTS IN THE RIGHT RANGE (Almost One Eye in the Right Range Sphere Equivalent Within - ±0.50 Sph) Toric IOLs correction is mandatory when 0.75 D of corneal astigmatism is detected. It is necessary to determinate total corneal astigmatism to provide best refractive postoperative outcomes. We have adopted IOL Master 700 TK for the purpose to measure anterior and posterior corneal curvature

AT LISA tri toric 939MP and AT LISA tri 839 MP trifocal IOLs are the most efficient today development of multifocal IOLs family. Clinical outcomes indicate that this is an effective multifocal design to correct refractive defects and to defeat presbyopia after cataract surgery. Data show that it is possible to adopt them in the majority of patients
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This presentation is from the session "SPS-108 Trifocal IOLs" from the 2020 ASCRS Virtual Annual Meeting held on May 16-17, 2020.

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