2019 ASCRS Annual Meeting

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IC-315: Cataract Surgery: What I Say – Conversations that Improve the Physician-Patient Relationship

Instructor: Jack Parker, MD, PhD
Co-Instructors: Robert H. Osher, MD; David F. Chang, MD; Michael Snyder, MD; Samuel Masket, MD
Meeting: 2019 ASCRS Annual Meeting
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Course will guide participants through a number of difficult conversations that they may commonly encounter relating to the performance of cataract surgery, including the ruptured posterior capsule, the dropped nucleus, postoperative refractive surprise, and the unhappy patient. Attendees will learn how to communicate with patients and their families – honestly and effectively – in these and other potentially emotionally charged situations.
2019 ASCRS Annual Meeting Instructional Courses

This 1.5 hour Instructional Course was recorded at the 2019 ASCRS Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, held on May 3-7, 2019. 

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