IC-4 Understanding Topography and Corneal Aberrations | ASCRS
2020 ASCRS Virtual Annual Meeting

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Course Description
The course will present in an easy-to-understand format how best to use the many features of Placido topography. The impact of anterior corneal aberrations on visual quality will also be demonstrated. Each clinical example will be based on a standard axial curvature map, aberration profile and image simulation. Attendees will be able to comfortably and accurately match the information provided by topography to how patients describe their vision.
Course Faculty
Warren E. Hill, MD, FACS
Warren E. Hill, MD has been the Medical Director of East Valley Ophthalmology in Mesa, Arizona for the past 28 years, specializing in consultative ophthalmology, challenging anterior segment surgery for other ophthalmologists and intraocular lens power calculations.
Warren Hill, MD

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