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Operation Sight Grant

2021 Operation Sight Grant Application Details and Eligibility Requirements:

The ASCRS Foundation’s Operation Sight Grant Program for verified 501(c)(3) organizations is intended to help support charitable cataract programs in the United States serving the Operation Sight patient population. Eligible grantees share the ASCRS Foundation’s mission to expand access to care to qualified uninsured and underinsured Americans with documented income below 200% of the federal poverty level. The grants are to forward the Foundation’s goal of increasing available care in areas of high patient need. Grantees are required to provide a mid-year and year-end report demonstrating their program’s impact along with detail on the number of patients served. Grant funding will support the grantee's year-long 2021 charitable effort and will be disbursed in two separate payments.

The grant application period closed on January 25, 2021. Applicants will be notified of their status in February, 2021.


  • Must be a verified 501(c)(3) organization delivering charitable cataract care.

Funding & Reporting:

  • Grant funding is to support charitable cataract programs in the United States serving the Operation Sight patient population
  • Grantees may not receive any potential in-kind support via other Operation Sight programs.
  • Grantee must provide bi-annual reporting detailing the program’s impact and patients served

Patient Care:

  • Patients must be vetted and approved per Operation Sight criteria
  • Operation Sight patient referrals must be generally accepted without additional internal vetting processes.
  • Operation Sight patient referrals must be scheduled and contacted within one month of having been matched with the grantee. *Volunteers may still decline cases based at their discretion.
  • Patients must receive charitable cataract surgery and all associated care/appointments at no cost through the 90-day global cataract period.

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