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CME Guidelines for Scientific Papers and Posters

As an accredited provider by the Accreditation Council of Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), ASCRS must ensure balance, independence, objectivity, and scientific rigor in all its activities.

  • Financial Interest Disclosure: ASCRS depends on honest and full disclosure by faculty to ensure balance, objectivity and independence in its program. All Faculty must include a statement of their financial interests in the subject matter (or lack thereof) as the first slide in their presentation and verbally at the start of the presentation- no exceptions.
    • For Films the disclosure must occur during the opening credits.
    • For Scientific Papers, the disclosure must be listed on the title slide and verbally at the start of the presentation.
    • For Electronic Posters, the disclosure must be listed on the title slide or slide immediately following it.
  • Disclosure of Unapproved/Off-Label Use: If your presentation concerns the use of a drug or device that has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or concerns an off-label use of a drug or device approved by the FDA for other uses, you must disclose that fact verbally or with a slide during the presentation.
  • Policy on Direct Reimbursement or Payment from Commercial Interest: Faculty are reminded that they may not receive honoraria or other compensation directly from an ophthalmic commercial interest for participation within CME activities.

Validation of Content

  • All recommendations involving clinical medicine in ASCRS CME activities must be based on evidence that is accepted within the profession.
  • All scientific research referred to, reported, or used must conform to the generally accepted standards of experimental design, data collection, and analysis.
  • Recommendations, treatments, or manners of practicing medicine that do not comply with the above, are known to have risks or dangers that outweigh the benefits, or are known to be ineffective in the treatment of patients should not be presented within this CME activity.

Scientific Integrity

  • All presentations should be free of commercial bias.
    • The use of generic names is required whenever feasible.
    • If trade names must be used, be sure to provide objective, scientific information with a balanced view of treatment options. Company/Brand logos and product packaging images may not be used.
  • Adopt a consistent reference to products throughout the presentation; e.g., if a trade name is used, the competitors’ trade names must also be used.
  • Results of multiple studies (both positive and negative) should be discussed to provide an unbiased picture for the audience.
  • Under no circumstances may product-specific literature, brochures, or giveaways be provided inside the educational session room.
  • State when you are offering an opinion
  • Use your own slides. ASCRS understands that incorporation of corporate slides will sometimes ensure accurate product information; however, it should be your work that is presented.

For questions regarding CME please contact Carrie Braden.

ASCRS Scientific Papers

All ASCRS accepted paper submissions are encouraged to participate. You may record your presentation using either Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote. To facilitate transitions between speakers, it is required that all presentations must be uploaded by May 14, at 11:59 P.M.  EDT to be included in our Virtual Meeting.

ASCRS Guide to Creating Your Presentation in PowerPoint (PC or Mac)- Papers

ASCRS Guide to Creating Your Presentation in Keynote (Mac Only)- Papers

Uploading Files in Orchestrate

ASCRS Paper Uploads are now open. Please email Kim Mangan for more information

Paper presenters must be registered for the ASCRS Virtual Meeting to participate. Paper presentations will be pre-recorded and offered in an on-demand format; there are no scheduled live presentation times or schedule requirements during the live meeting.

General Paper Presentation Guidelines:

  • A general rule of thumb for presentations is 30 seconds per slide. Therefore, for a 5-minute presentation, carefully consider your timing if you have more than 10 slides.
  • Presentation must be in 16:9 format.
  • In fairness to the other presenters, be sure your presentation adheres to the allotted time.

Electronic Posters

Poster abstracts are presented in electronic format only (PowerPoint). All accepted poster submissions will be available for viewing on-demand as part of the Virtual Meeting program.

Create Your Electronic Poster's PowerPoint File:

  • Electronic posters will be accepted in electronic format, only (PowerPoint File). Printed posters will not be displayed.
  • The upload system only accepts posters in PowerPoint format (PPT or PPTX files, only). Maximum of 12 PowerPoint Slides (file size of 50 MB). Poster PowerPoint files with more than 12 slides will not qualify for judging.
  • Do not submit entire presentation as one large poster image. Please divide into multiple slides for purpose, methods, results, and conclusions.
  • Do not embed videos or animation within the PowerPoint file. Presenters will have the opportunity to include additional slides with files, tables, charts, etc. to enhance the purpose, materials, results, or conclusions slides. The system offers the ability to upload one (1) video, image, or text file in addition to the PowerPoint file (see Additional File Upload below).

E-mail contact: Allows the Presenter to designate if their e-mail address will be displayed with their electronic poster. NOTE: By selecting “Private,” the contact e-mail address will not be displayed but attendees will still have the ability to submit questions and comments.

Biography: Presenters may enter a short biography to be included on the "ASCRS Electronic Posters On Demand" upload website.

Photo: Presenters may include a personal photo to be added to the "ASCRS Electronic Posters On Demand" upload website.

Poster PowerPoint File Upload: Additional File Upload: Presenter will have an additional 50 MB of file space to upload ONE (1) additional multimedia file (e.g. audio or video file) to enhance their poster.

Website Preview at the bottom of the screen allows the presenter to preview exactly how their poster presentation and uploaded information will appear on the ASCRS website.

Please be sure the title and authors you have listed on the PowerPoint match exactly what is listed at the top of the "ASCRS Electronic Posters On Demand" upload website. Coauthors who are not listed on the poster abstract submission in the ASCRS•ASOA submission database will be removed from the electronic poster.

For questions, please contact Janell John.

Film Production

All accepted films will be available for viewing on-demand as part of the ASCRS Virtual Meeting program.


Film Judging: Films are currently being formally judged. A winner and runner-up will be selected for each category, and a grand prize overall winner will be chosen.


Awards will be presented at the Live-Streamed Online Film Festival Ceremony on Saturday, May 16, 2020.

Attending the Film Festival Awards Ceremony is considered your official presentation. Your registration for the ASCRS Virtual Meeting is required. Awards will be announced and presented during the virtual ceremony.

Emergency circumstances may arise; if so, the producer must send a substitute that is not a member of industry to accept any awards given to the film producer. If you are having a substitute register in your place, please send the name and contact information to Kim Mangan.

Please click here to Submit Financial Interest Disclosure