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Module 2

Module 2: An In Depth View on Depth of Focus: Advances in Topical Presbyopia Therapy and Small Aperture IOLs

This session will examine the advances in small aperture optics that increase depth of focus, reduce aberrations, and improve quality of vision at distance and near. Topical therapy for presbyopia is an enormous unmet need, affecting 120 million Americans and 2 billion people worldwide. The FDA will approve several topical medications this year, with a robust pipeline to follow. New IOLs in FDA trials offer small aperture optics to improve vision in patients with irregular corneas and provide quality distance and intermediate vision without spectacle correction. The future of small aperture optics is extremely promising.

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Feb 16, 2022


Presented by Preeya Gupta, MD and Eric Donnenfeld, MD

Panel discussion:  The Key Opinion Leaders Perspective on Topical Presbyopia Therapy

Panelists: Jay Pepose, MD, Marguerite McDonald, MD, Neda Shamie, MD, Kerry Solomon, MD

The IC-8 Small Aperture IOL

Presented by John Vukich, MD

Pinhole Pupiloplasty

Presented by Amar Agarwal, MD

Panel Discussion/Q&A

Panelists: Jay Pepose, MD, Marguerite McDonald, MD, Neda Shamie, MD, Kerry Solomon, MD


Eric Donnenfeld, MD

Preeya Gupta, MD


Amar Agarwal, MD

Daniel Chang, MD

Nicole Fram, MD

Edward Holland, MD

Jack Holladay, MD

Vance Thompson, MD

John Vukich, MD


Marguerite B. McDonald

Marguerite McDonald, MD

Jay Pepose MD

Jay Pepose, MD

Neda Shamie, MD

Neda Shamie, MD

Kerry Solomon, MD

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