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Module 3

Module 3: Intraocular Refractive Surgery: Expanding Surgery Correction Options

This module will dive deep into phakic IOLs and clear lens replacement strategies, including information on EVO ICL clinical results and advanced sizing methodologies such as intraoperative OCT and high-frequency UBM. Moreover, this session will examine the advances of new EDOF IOLs approved by the FDA, main features and patient selection criteria.

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Mar 16, 2022


Presented by Roger Zaldivar, MD and Liz Yeu, MD

MYOPIA in numbers

Presented by Dagny Zhu, MD

ICL Clinical Update

Presented by John Vukich MD

Keynote Lecture:  Advances in Sizing Methodology

Presented by Roberto Zaldivar, MD

Clinical Cases

Presented by Sarah Nehls, MD and Roger Zaldivar, MD

Panel Discussion

Panelists: Elizabeth Yeu, MD, Sarah Nehls, MD, Dagny Zhu, MD, Roger Zaldivar, MD, Roberto Zaldivar, MD, John Vukich, MD

Introduction to Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome

Presented by George Waring, MD

Panel Discussion/Q&A

Panelists: Kerry Solomon, MD, George Waring, MD, Elizabeth Yeu, MD, Roger Zaldivar, MD


Elizabeth Yeu, MD

Roger Zaldivar, MD


Sarah Nehls MD

Sarah Nehls, MD

Kerry Solomon, MD

John Vukich, MD

George Waring, MD

Roberto Zaldivar, MD

Dagny Zhu, MD

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