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Young Eye Surgeons International Service Grant

About the Grant

The Young Eye Surgeons International Service (YIS) Grant was created to inspire young eye surgeons to become involved with global eye care on a long-term basis. The grant affords the opportunity to participate in health care systems, including teaching institutions and community programs, in developing countries. Working with the ASCRS Foundation and its international partners, recipients get to develop a customized international volunteer plan that provides the opportunity for a young eye surgeon to learn first-hand the intricacies behind global eyecare efforts.

Grant Requirements

  • Maintain active ASCRS membership
  • Present project plans and experience at two ASCRS Annual Meetings
  • Quarterly project status updates
  • Complete international travel within 18 months

Application Deadlines 

The 2023 YIS grant application submissions are now closed. Award recipients will be announced in early 2023. Grant applications for 2024 can be found on this page and will open Fall 2023. For more information regarding this grant, please contact 

2023 Young Eye Surgeons International Service Grantees

Kanika Agarwal, MD

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Sila Bal, MD, MPH

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Julius Oatts, MD

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Nakul Shekhawat, MD, MPH

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Michelle Sun, MD, MPH

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2022 Young Eye Surgeons International Service Grantees

Aakriti Garg Shukla, MD

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Wanja Mathenge, MD

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2021 Young Eye Surgeons International Service Grantees

Ashlie Bernhisel, MD, MSc

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Ana Vega Carreiro de Freitas, MD

Learn more

Simon Fung, MD, MA FRCOphth

Learn more

Karen Hong, MD, MPhil

Learn more

Ashiyana Nariani, MD, MPH

Learn more

Alexander Young, MD

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Ophthalmologist Humanitarians
An ASCRS Foundation Spotlight Video Series

The ASCRS Foundation is pleased to highlight some of the accomplished humanitarians nominated for the Foundation's Chang-Crandall Humanitarian Award. These outstanding leaders have been interviewed by the Foundation's 2020 Young Eye Surgeon International Service Grantees. Watch the first video in the series below or click the playlist icon to view additional content!

Young Eye Surgeons International Service Grant Committee

Barbara C. Erny, MD

Medical Liaison for International Programs

Suzanne Gilbert, PhD, MPH

Cristos Ifantides, MD, MBA

Neda Nikpoor, MD

Jeff Pettey, MD

Grace Sun, MD

Russell Swan, MD

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