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Joaquin Barraquer, MD

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    ASCRS Ophthalmology Hall of Fame


“I think that he will be remembered especially for his humanity. Most of his patients think that he is a great surgeon, and they are very grateful that he treats them as if they are his peers and not his patients.”
—Elena Barraquer, MD, daughter of Joaquin Barraquer, MD

Joaquin Barraquer, MD, is a fifth generation ophthalmologist who began informal medical training with his father at age 13. His early exposure to cataracts was the first step on a road that included inventing the enzymatic zonulolysis technique that makes total or intracapsular extraction of the cataract considerably easier.

A cornea surgery pioneer, educator, and director of the Barraquer Centre of Ophthalmology in Barcelona, Barraquer is known as a world leader in the development and use of the intraocular lens. Today, Barraquer, who holds three medical degrees, is one of the few ophthalmologists in the world who implants crystalline lenses for the correction of high myopia.

In 1970, Barraquer became Chairman of Ocular Surgery of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is “Doctor honoris causa” and Honorary Professor of nine Spanish and foreign universities and he received six scientific distinctions and prizes in Spain and 27 abroad, including the “APAO Gold José Rizal Medal” the “Alfonso Motolese 2000” Gold Medal, and different distinctions from public and private entities in Spain and abroad. Recently he was elected “Honorary Scientific Expert Adviser” de la “Medical University of Tianjin, China.” He has also been awarded 12 official Spanish distinctions and decorations.