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Meet the Government Relations Committee: Frank R. Burns, MD, on Advocacy and eyePAC

Participating in the annual ASCRS/Alliance of Specialty Medicine Legislative Fly-In is just one way I engage in the political process. I have hosted and participated in fundraising events for my elected officials, and I had the pleasure of helping to organize and participate in pro bono cataract surgeries with Sen. Rand Paul at my surgery center in Louisville, Kentucky, for patients who are having financial difficulties. I also make sure to contribute to eyePAC annually. Our contributions to eyePAC—as well as contributions directly to candidates we support—help to ensure our perspective is heard in the policy making process. I consider my contributions to eyePAC to be an investment in my profession and in my ability to provide quality care to my patients. I would encourage all ASCRS members to join the collective voice of ophthalmology by participating in advocacy events like the Fly-In and investing in eyePAC.

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