Terminal Chop: New Technique for Soft Cataract | ASCRS
Terminal Chop: New Technique for Soft Cataract
April 2018
Meeting: 2018 Annual Meeting
Presenter: Rajendra Prasad, MD
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Whilst much attention is rightly paid to handling dense,rock hard nuclei, quite often softer cataracts also present a challenge.Soft nuclei are quite sticky gelatinous and adherent to capsular bag and lack sufficient brittleness.Chopping and cracking techniques are often ineffective.We aim to describe, T Soft a new technique to handle these soft nuclei in a comprehensive way with terminal chop technique and specially designed chopper named as Terminator.
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This film was submitted to the 36th Annual ASCRS Film Festival within the 2018 ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting. 

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