Triple Procedure PKP with PCIOL in Difficult Situation | ASCRS
Triple Procedure PKP with PCIOL in Difficult Situation
April 2018
Meeting: 2018 Annual Meeting
Presenter: Shakeen Singh, MS
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This surgical video of pkp with cataract extraction with pciol with iris/pupil reconstruction in badly smugged ,opaque , vascularised cornea. This will share a safe process of corneal dissection, saving max. of smugged iris tissue with reconstruction of pupil by Peeling off thick fibrotic tissue followed by repair of iridodialysis with ECCE and PCIOL insertion. Follow up monitering by Refractive correction ,ECC, OCT analysis towards very good visual recovery.
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This film was submitted to the 36th Annual ASCRS Film Festival within the 2018 ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting. 

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